11 Presentation Themes That All Business Professionals Should Have

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11 Presentation Themes That All Business Professionals Should Have

An often underrated but highly specialized skill business professionals need to succeed in the corporate world is the ability to make impactful and memorable powerpoint presentations. However, that’s easier said than done. Making presentations that are both effective and well-polished can be quite an obstacle for many business professionals and is often the only thing standing between them and success.  

Presentation themes are a great solution for every enterprising business professional that does not have the time to start a presentation from scratch. Presentation themes are a carefully created and curated collection of slides and templates that are necessary and important for a particular business requirement. Presentation themes are pre-designed, customizable powerpoint decks that can be used to create entire presentations, eliminating the need to start presentation work from scratch. Presentation themes also help you get over presenter’s block as it provides a good starting point to work with, and give you a general idea of how your presentation should flow and what is the story that you’re telling. Besides, having expertly crafted cool powerpoint themes can ensure that your presentations are engaging and visually appealing to your audience, retaining their attention and curiosity throughout. 

SlideUpLift is one of the biggest providers of expertly crafted presentation themes, and their collection of powerpoint decks consists of presentation themes that every business professional may need at some point in their career. This blog will highlight 5 of the most essential presentation themes a business professional requires.


A Business Case presentation is often the Kickstarter for your project. The theme has slides to explain the project rationale, problem statement, use cases, and project scope, along with other relevant slides, to showcase your business case in the best light possible. It also has a theme-specific executive summary, which can be considered one of the most essential slides in a business case. This presentation theme allows you to categorically present your business case and show investors and stakeholders the profitability and viability of your business idea.

Business Case Presentation

Business Case Presentation

Source: Business Case Presentation by SlideUpLift

To summarize writing a business case might not seem necessary to start with. However, it is an important start to any successful project. Learn how to develop an effective business case to showcase to your stakeholders why and how exactly you plan to solve a problem.


The first step to getting access to business opportunities is to have a well-laid out business proposal that meets the needs of the client via your product, service, or solution. A good proposal not only lays out the business problem you are trying to solve in compelling detail but also articulates the solution in a credible, believable manner. The proposal document also provides rigor around the planning, timelines, and professional fees so the client gets the comfort they need stepping into a potential relationship with you. In addition, the proposal document should also inspire confidence in the company’s ability to deliver without hiccups.

This is clearly a lot to ask for: but hey who said winning business was easy? SlideUpLift has tried to make this process a bit easier via SlideUpLift’s Animated Business Proposal Theme Template. This template carries robust placeholders for many of the aspects that a proposal must have. In addition, this template uses animation and transitions to add some tasteful and professional flair to your proposal. Ultimately you get powerful visual design and storytelling to sell your business proposal and play its part in leaving your audience with a memorable presentation.

Animated Business Proposal Presentation

Business Proposal Presentation

Source: Business Proposal Presentation by SlideUpLift

Given a Business Proposal can make or break your chances of winning a client. Therefore it is important to invest your time in building the highest quality business proposal presentation. Learn about the best practices in building effective business proposal presentations.


Business Strategy is just part and parcel of being an entrepreneur or business professional. After all, no successful business ever took off without a great business strategy. A good Business Strategy document needs to cover external analysis, SWOT, and competitive landscape and then draw linkages with Strategic Imperatives along with a roadmap for implementation. It caters to the needs of various stakeholders including, investors, management, and team members.. SlideUpLift Business Strategy theme covers these aspects and also has a convenient executive summary that can ensure that the key parts of your strategy are highlighted and focused upon. This visually engaging powerpoint theme also carefully utilizes a color scheme and other visual design elements to ensure that your presentation is memorable and engaging. 

Business Strategy Presentation Deck

Business Strategy Presentation Deck

Source: Business Strategy Deck by SlideUpLift

The business strategy brings a sense of focus. It helps set the priorities for the business to ensure that they are overall aligned with the company’s goals and objectives. A sound business strategy lays a strong foundation for a successful business.


OKR or “Objectives and Key Results” is a popular framework employed by organizations to quantify and analyze their end goals. Our OKR Deck is a curation of some of the most essential OKR templates needed by organizations to manage their objectives and can be used by both individuals or teams to collaboratively set goals and come up with measurable results. This is a great goal-setting tool and places great emphasis on strategizing and planning your initiatives around your overall objectives for your business. By aligning everyone to a common goal, this OKR deck also allows individual contributions to be highlighted, making it the perfect template for articulating and working on your business goals. 

OKR Planning Deck

OKR Planning Deck

Source: Business Goals Planning Deck by SlideUpLift


A Business Review meeting is important for the health and sustainability of any business. A successful business review allows you to understand your current business state as well as keep an eye on the objectives. A fruitful conversation around the same can only happen if you’re well prepared with your inputs for a business review. SlideUpLift Business Review Presentation Theme Template provides the right starting point for you to cover the most important topics for the business review. This includes laying out the business context, covering key metrics in a scorecard-like fashion, providing details against these metrics, and also detailing key programs/initiatives that may be underway. A well-drafted, regularly conducted business review presentation can make a world of difference in tracking the long-term success of your business or key project.

 Business Review Presentation

Business Review Presentation

Source: Business Review Presentation by SlideUpLift


Every business professional will have the need to create a presentation at some point in their career. It just makes good sense to have a repository of pre-designed, fully customizable, and visually appealing presentation themes and powerpoint presentation templates that can be used at a moment’s notice to churn out engaging and impactful presentations for all business occasions.

Now you don’t have to scour the web to find out the right templates. Download our PowerPoint Templates from within PowerPoint. See how?

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