Ways to Build Impressive Business PowerPoint Presentations

April 17, 2018| slideuplift
Ways to Build Impressive Business PowerPoint Presentations

A PowerPoint Presentation is a great way to impress your client at a business meeting. A right powerpoint presentation can leave a great impact and turn the outcomes in your favor. But deciding on business PowerPoint templates can be little challenging especially when you are more inclined to get your design right. So, how do you get it right and hit the bull’s eye with your business powerpoint presentation?

Without further preamble, here we bring you some tips that will not only help you build a well-designed PowerPoint presentation but also build a ppt. that will have a great bearing on your client/audience. Let’s look at these tips:

Hook your Audience

As they say a good beginning is half done, it applies to Business PowerPoint presentations as well. Your start of the presentation will have to be powerful because you want to grab the maximum attention of the audience. Get their attention by revealing interesting facts/figures/statistics. Once you have the attention of the audience, the message that you want to communicate will be loud and clear, and your audience is more likely to retain it.

Addressing their Pain Point

If you are pitching a product to your client, are you communicating clearly to the client about your product’s ability? One of the major turn-offs for the audience is that often too while the presenter keeps beating around the bushes without arriving at the point. So, make a direct claim. If your product is about new CRM software that helps SMEs to deal with their cash-flow, then make a direct claim that makes the audience interested to know the solution.

Engage Better

Monotonous business powerpoint presentations are a strict No. They seem endless and are hardly able to get the audience enticed. If you want to keep your audience hooked further, then you should probably fill your presentation with questions from time to time. This will certainly engage your audience better and they will be more interested in seeking further information about your product/service.

Connect Well

Most often, presenters forget about the audience and are too busy pushing their own agenda or the product. Such kinds of presentation make the audience feel disconnected. If your client is disoriented, it’s very difficult to win him back. Therefore, you need to do little homework about the audience. You need to understand why he’s there in the first place & how can you serve him. Also, make sure that both of you are on the same page. It might so happen that terms or jargons that you are using are unfamiliar to him, then you must try explaining to him, or avoid using such terms at all. Let’s suppose that you are meeting a client who has never used an ERP system before. So, you need to be careful that you don’t indulge in over usage of complex technical terms that might drive him away.

Tackle all the Questions

Preparation is the key here. You may or may not get too many questions from the audience, but it is always advisable to have answers to all the questions. In a business scenario, questions will come for sure. Your ability to answer the question will determine the command you have over the subject matter, and if it’s about a product/service, then that shows the confidence you have in the ability of the product/service.

Be a Storyteller

If it’s a powerful story, people are all ears to it. You have to build a story or even a business case study that people can relate to. It can be a personal story or some other story that you have read or heard about, but it has to be 100% relevant under all circumstances. If it’s a first-hand experience that you are sharing with your client or audience, then nothing like it. When you narrate a story that people can relate to, they usually start trusting you, and naturally will be more interested in your product or service than they were before. Visual Impact is important and is a very key element when it comes to influencing people. To add extra weight to your business PowerPoint presentation, it is highly recommended that you add icons in the slides. If you want to browse though some cool icons and business PowerPoint templates, try visiting SlideUpLift library. You will have an array of options to choose from.

A Cool Business PowerPoint Template

This can be very confusing for business professionals. With too many options available, it becomes little tricky when you are supposed to pick one template that would suit your business PowerPoint presentation the most. Well, even though if Microsoft powerpoint presentation has too many inbuilt templates, most of them are standard and seem to be used over and over again. Therefore, it is imperative to pick unused or uncommon powerpoint templates (which can spark creativity in you to showcase your ideas in many different ways). Again, if you want a business PowerPoint template and want to have more of a professional touch, try templates from SlideUpLift library. You can get hands on fine tailor-made business PowerPoint templates that will fit your different purposes and meet your end objective. Be it roadmap template or a timeline template, you name it, and that’s covered in the library.

Other Elements

Once you pick one of the decent templates, make sure you have set the font right. If you are addressing a room full of people, then you should make sure that everyone in the room can read the text in your presentation. Apart from the textual angle, you could also add some really great visual or graphical content in the presentation because that’s a great way to convey an important message through graphics or even a video form. Aligned elements and objects in the powerpoint presentation will give you extra brownie points because proper arrangement really looks appealing.

The combination of all these tips can really help you in your business powerpoint presentation. If you are looking for some great PowerPoint presentation templates that can help your business grow, or looking for some inspiration through PowerPoint presentation templates, then maybe you should try visiting SlideUplift for some innovative ideas.

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