Tell Your Story More Effectively With Word Cloud PowerPoint | Creative Word Cloud Examples

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Tell Your Story More Effectively With Word Cloud PowerPoint | Creative Word Cloud Examples

To make a presentation engaging and effective, most presenters use minimal text and more visuals in their presentations. An effective presentation always consists of creative visuals and interactive graphics that make it stand out among other regular presentation designs. This tutorial will discuss how to create a word cloud PowerPoint design to communicate your ideas more effectively. Also, find a few pre-designed word cloud examples

Try for yourself and see how the combination of graphics and words can significantly impact your presentation.

What is the word cloud?

A word cloud is a graphic made from words about a topic. It is a creative visualization of data. Word cloud designs are also known as tag clouds and text clouds. Creating a word cloud helps engage, educate, and quickly capture the audience’s attention. It makes it easier for the audience to understand a topic or idea by summarizing the data’s gist. 

The words are arranged randomly, and the more important a word, the larger it appears. And this makes it one of the most appealing characteristics of a word cloud that helps the user understand the data in one glance instead of reading the entire data or notes. 

How to choose words for a word cloud design?

There is no fixed technique or method to select words to create a word cloud design. But the following points can help you choose the words quickly. To make a word cloud PowerPoint, use the – 

  • Topic name (main topic)
  • Terms that describe the main topic
  • Terms or ideas related to the main topic
  • Objects related to the topic

How to create a word cloud in PowerPoint 

There are a few different methods of how to make a word cloud in PowerPoint. Unlike word cloud design generators that take the words from an uploaded file, using self-designed word cloud PowerPoint has a solid benefit. It has an impressive design and the flexibility to change the texts’ text, design, color, or position. 

Watch this PowerPoint tutorial and learn how to create a word cloud in PowerPoint manually- 

Wordcloud examples

You can download PowerPoint templates from a vast collection of word cloud PowerPoint with creative cloud illustrations for business, marketing, project management, etc.

The below word cloud PowerPoint is designed inside a bulb illustration to convey the message better. The main text, i.e., “idea,” is in a bigger font size and a different color, making the message loud and clear.

Idea Word Cloud

Idea Word Cloud Design

Source: Idea Word Cloud Design by SlideUpLift

Project Management Word Cloud

Project Management Word Cloud Design

Source: Project Management Word Cloud by SlideUpLift

Business WordCloud

business Word Cloud Design

Source: Business Word Cloud by SlideUpLift

Marketing Word Cloud

Marketing Word Cloud Design

Source: Marketing Word Cloud by SlideUpLift

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