How to Make A Jeopardy Game on Google Slides?

Turn your Google Slides presentation into an online Jeopardy game. You can use the slides to create a Jeopardy game in Google Slides to play in a workspace. Our guide on how to make a jeopardy game on Google Slides will boost your confidence in front of your audience, as if you are an actual TV host.

How to Make A Jeopardy Game on Google Slides?
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Last Modified :  September 7, 2023

With its distinctive question-and-answer style, the vibrant and engaging game show Jeopardy game has captivated audiences for decades. Creating a Jeopardy game in Google Slides offers numerous benefits. It fosters interactive learning and engagement, encourages teamwork and healthy competition and enhances retention through gamification. It is an amazing opportunity to bond with your colleagues. In the workplace, HRs can also use them to conduct events like Fun Fridays. Let’s learn how to create a Jeopardy game on Google Slides from scratch. 

How To Create A Jeopardy Game in Google Slides?

To create a Jeopardy game in Google Slides, you must follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Create the game board.
  2. Create the introduction slide.
  3. Add buttons.
  4. Create the question slide.
  5. Include links.

Let’s look into each of these in detail to create the Jeopardy game in Google Slides. 

Create the Game Board

Creating a Jeopardy game in Google Slides involves creating a board first. This game is set up as follows: first, there is a playing board. After that, each subject has a cover slide, four clue slides, and four question slides. 

Let’s make the Jeopardy game in Google Slides by following this step-by-step tutorial:

  1. Making a slide with a matrix is the first step in creating a Jeopardy game in Google Slides. You must include two separate sorts of data in this matrix: Categories and Scores.  
  2. There are two ways that the matrix could be made: Tables and Squares (or shapes).
  3. To make a table, select “Insert” from the toolbar. Select “Table” after that and set the dimensions. We will include four subjects and four questions for each subject in this game.
  4. To make squares or shapes, to build a matrix, go to the toolbar’s “Insert” option. Go to “Shapes” and add the “Rounded Rectangle” or any shape as per your preference
  5. You can copy and paste the rounded rectangles that are already there. On a Mac, simply click a rectangle and drag it while holding down the “Ctrl” (on Windows) or “Cmd” (on Mac) keys.
  6. To alter the color of any rectangle, simply click on it and choose the “Fill Color” option.
  7. Go to “Format Options” in the toolbar to add a shadow or other effect. Change the transparency, angle, distance, and blur radius of the drop shadow by selecting it and doing so.
  8. Click twice on each shape or table to start typing. The subject titles are listed in the first row, and the scores are listed in the remaining rectangles. Then, you can also choose to change the fonts of the texts.

(Note: Rectangles in the first row will be larger than those in the subsequent rows since they overlap with the topics.)

Create the Game Board

Create the Game Board


Addition of a board game is a convenient starting point to make a Jeopardy game in Google Slides. Now, to take our jeopardy game in Google Slides a step further, we are going to create a topic slide. 

Create the Topics Slide

Addition of a topics slide is an essential step in order to make/create a Jeopardy game in Google Slides. Adhere to these steps in Google Slides:

  1. Start by adding a title and a subtitle slide to the subject slide. Select “Insert” > “Text Box”. To create the box, click and drag it. When you’re done typing, select the text and use the toolbar’s tools to adjust the font size and other formatting.
  2. Add four new questions for each topic. Select “Rounded Rectangle” under “Insert” > “Shapes”. You can click on them and drag them while holding down the “Ctrl” (on Windows) or “Cmd” (on Mac) keys on a Mac to make a new copy since we still need to add three more.
  3. To make sure they resemble actual buttons, modify the shapes using “Format Options”. When you click on them, the toolbar appears. Select “Drop Shadow” after selecting “Format”. After that, change the parameters as necessary. Use the “Fill Color” and “Border Color” choices to alter the colors if necessary.
Create the Topics Slide

Create the Topics Slide


Once you have added the topics Slide, the next step is to add a clue slide.  We will look into the step-by-step process of adding Clue using buttons and layouts in order to create a jeopardy game in Google Slides. 

Add Answer/Clue Slides

Remember that in Jeopardy, the clue or answer is presented first, followed by the question slide. It will have 3 possible answers, and the correct one will redirect you to the next slide. There are three alternative responses, and selecting the right one will advance you to the next slide. Follow these steps to add answers/clues:

  1. Open the slide and select a layout.
  2. To insert a title, select “Insert” and then “Text Box”. Add the text. Adjust the font, font size, and font characteristics in the toolbar as necessary.
  3. Make a new text field and enter a brief overview of the clue there.
  4. Add three buttons now. To add shapes, like previously. Select “Rounded Rectangle” under “Insert” > “Shapes”. 
  5. Select each button and enter the letters A, B, and C. 
  6. To the right of them, add a text field where the clue can be entered. 
Add Answer / Clue Slides

Add Answer / Clue Slides


You can also add icons to modify buttons. You can also add hyperlinks to different slides in the same Google Slides presentation. In this way, you have successfully added a clue or answer slide. Now we will take our jeopardy game to the next step by adding a question slide. 

Create the Question Slide

Next for the Jeopardy game in Google Slides is to add questions:

  1. Insert a new slide first, then select a layout.
  2. Select “Text box” from Insert.  Now, insert a speech bubble and an illustration from the Alternative resources. Use “Ctrl + C” and “Ctrl + V” in Windows or “Cmd + C” and “Ctrl + V” on a Mac, to copy and paste the drawing.
  3. Next, place a speech bubble next to your chosen illustration. Select Insert from the toolbar. Next, choose “Shapes” > “Callout.” Change the border and fill in the colors next. Now, click the shape twice. Write the response and make any necessary text edits.  
Create the Question Slide

Create the Question Slide


Include Links

All the slides created in previous steps must be connected in the final stage. To do this, we’ll use hyperlinks. To add links to other slides, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Game board slide where we have mentioned all four options/subjects. Select any box you would want to put a link into. 
  2. Click on the “Insert link” from the toolbar or press “Ctrl” + K simultaneously. Then, select slides from this presentation and pick the slide that matches your preference. 
  3. Follow the same procedure for the remaining subjects and point buttons.
Include Links

Include Links


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The Jeopardy game format has evolved from its TV foundations to become a significant tool for events, training, education, and team. Its strength comes in enticing participants, encouraging positive competition, and elevating the learning experience. The Jeopardy game in Google Slides can be used by HR professionals to increase encounters in a variety of domains by smoothly combining enjoyment and learning, reiterating its value as a robust interactive tool.

Now that you have learnt how to make a Jeopardy Game in Google Slides presentation, it’s time to put your skills to test and boast in front of your peers by exploring our vast gallery of Google Slides templates. If you wish to learn more of such tips and hacks to master the art of Google Slides presentation, check out our Google Slides tutorials


  1. How do I create a fair point system for my Jeopardy game?

    Design your point values based on difficulty, with higher values for tougher questions. For example, 100 points for easy, 200 for moderate, and so on. Adjust these as per your audience and content.

  2. How can I ensure fairness when participants answer questions?

    Establish clear rules beforehand – participants must answer in the form of a question and can’t change their response once shared. Nominate a neutral scorekeeper to maintain fairness.

  3. Can I share the Jeopardy game in Google Slides with others for them to play later?

    Yes, you can share the Google Slides presentation with others, allowing them to play the game on their own time or in their own setting.

  4. Who benefits from the Jeopardy game template?

    Educators, trainers, HR professionals, event organizers, and enthusiasts seeking interactive learning and entertainment all benefit from this versatile tool.

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