Must-Have Org Charts to Visualize Your Company Or Project Team Structure

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Must-Have Org Charts to Visualize Your Company Or Project Team Structure

Every firm or organization works on a system that organizes its employees and leaders in a hierarchy or role positions. Sometimes these are straightforward hierarchies that categorize the employees in a firm. However, sometimes firms employ more complex and matrix-type structures, keeping in mind cross-functionality and other factors that do not neatly fit into a traditional hierarchical structure. One way firms visualize this relationship between their employees is through the use of Org Charts. Org (or Organization) Charts are diagrams consisting of boxes and simple lines containing each employee’s name and relative position in the company, showcasing the hierarchy of the work structure in place.


If used well, Org Charts can be great at visualizing simple hierarchical lines and more complex matrix arrangements. Org Charts efficiently use them for various purposes, including knowing the state of reporting relationships, mapping communications flows, etc. Specifically, they can help in –

  • Supervisory Communication – The org chart clarifies reporting relationships and communication lines in the organization. It becomes clear who is responsible for cascading messages to what part of the organization. It also allows employees to understand who to approach when talking about something specific. 
  • Restructuring – Having a clear visualization of your workforce and their utilization in the company’s operations can sometimes reveal inconsistencies and gaps in the organization. This can prompt restructuring efforts if needed. 
  • Planning – Org charts can be used to represent the current state of the organization and as a map of the future state. Having visual representations of your workforce and structure can make it easier to plan your next steps.
  • Resource Strategy – A company has finite resources. Understanding your internal structures through an Org Chart can make it easier to understand which resources are scarce/shared and require proper optimization efforts.


  • Hierarchy Charts

A Hierarchy Chart is the simplest and oldest form of Org Charts. It represents an org with a straightforward hierarchy of a figurehead, with branches representing employees descending their ranking or positions within the firm. It forms a pyramid shape due to the number of branches increasing as you go down the hierarchy and move from leadership positions within departments to simple, salaried employees within the department. 

These charts are best used for representing hierarchical organizational structures at the Divisional, Business Unit, or project level. 

  • Vertical Charts
Organization Chart

Vertical Organization Chart

Source: Vertical Organization Chart by SlideUpLift

This chart is used to emphasize the senior management layer by putting them in focus. These are drawn up for business units in larger organizations or representing the top management of a company. 

Organization Chart Template

Organization Chart Template

Source: Organization Chart With Designation by SlideUpLift

This version expands on the previous by adding the next level of hierarchy and putting them in focus. This chart is especially great for showcasing whole teams and is typically used in internal discussions on clarifying roles and responsibilities. You will note that this chart is vertically organized. This sometimes helps indicate an implicit hierarchy in the team, e.g., the newest/junior most team members at the bottom of the list. 

…more examples

Organization Chart Template

People Organization Chart Template

Source: People Organization Chart by SlideUpLift

SlideUpLift’s People Organisation Chart uses a fully customizable chart that is a tabular and diagrammatic representation of each team member’s position and duties under the team’s structure.

Management Organization Chart

Management Organization Charts

Source: Management Organization Chart by SlideUpLift

SlideUpLift’s Management Organisation Chart is specifically designed to clarify and articulate a company’s repository of managers, leaders, and heads. This template is designed to break down the hierarchy of positions starting all the way from the CEO, Presidents and further down the line. Having clarity in terms of your upper management is crucial for the functioning of your organization, and this chart allows you to envision each member of your managerial cohort as part of the larger structure.

Core Team Org Chart

Core Team Organization Chart

Source: Core Team Organization Chart by SlideUpLift

To clearly visualize the core team members of a department or larger functional or cross-functional team, SlideUpLift has created the Core Team Members Org Chart that allows you to show each member clearly, with their designation, photo, and placement in the hierarchy.

  • Horizontal Management Org Chart
Horizontal Management Org Chart

Horizontal Management Org Chart

Source: Horizontal Management Organization Chart by SlideUpLift

SlideUpLift’s Horizontal Management Org Chart uses simple yet effective shapes and colors to show management hierarchy within a firm distinctively. Typically, a horizontal structure has only 2 or 3 chains of command and is basically flat.

  • Flat Team Structure Charts
Flat Team Structure Chart

Flat Team Structure Chart

Source: Flat Team Structure Chart by SlideUpLift

Sometimes it is helpful to show team members in a flat layout to avoid rubbing off impressions of an implicit hierarchy within teams. That’s where the flat team structure representation is helpful. This avoids unintended messaging around structural topics, especially since they can tend to be very sensitive. 

… here is another version.

Business Team Org Chart

Business Team Org Chart

Source: Business Team Organization Chart by SlideUpLift

To summarize, flat org structures reduce unnecessary layers of managers in order to not only improve coordination and productivity but also quicker decision making. However, a bit of a caveat is that the managers need to be generalists who can handle a variety of work.

  • Horizontal Hierarchy Charts

A Horizontal Multi-Level Hierarchy chart is a beneficial construct, especially when corporate or central functions need to be displayed in the org chart. Typically this view will carry corporate/central functions like Legal, HR, Finance, etc., on the top part of the fishbone and the hierarchical business line functions underneath.

Horizontal Hierarchy Chart

Horizontal Hierarchy Chart

Source: Horizontal Hierarchy Chart by SlideUpLift

SlideUpLift’s Horizontal Multi-Level Hierarchy chart utilizes the concept of a horizontal straight line branching off into smaller levels by delineating smaller, or single-person represented departments on top of the line, and larger departments below the line, that are then further branched out to include each team member. 

  • Matrix Organisational Structure Charts

In an increasingly complex corporate structure, roles are segregated to emphasize functional expertise on one hand and operational focus on the other. These structures can enhance effectiveness but require careful definitions of reporting patterns and role descriptions.

A Matrix Organisational Structure Chart helps visualize these relationships. This chart is primarily used to show the interconnectedness of departments and teams.

Matrix Organisational Chart

Matrix Organizational Chart

Source: Matrix Organizational Chart by SlideUpLift

SlideUpLift’s Matrix Organisational Structure Chart is laid out in a grid format. The General Manager is the highest authority, followed by a top row of department heads and a leftmost column of project managers. By placing all employees within this matrix, you can clearly show the department head and project manager that a particular person has to report to. 

Here is another version…

5 Level Managers Matrix Template

5 Level Managers Matrix Template

Source: 5 Level Managers Matrix by SlideUpLift

SlideUpLift’s 5 Level Managers Matrix consists of 5 levels of managers usually found in a project management setup – VPs of Design, Manufacturing, Finance, Marketing, and HR in the top row of the matrix. On the leftmost column are the project managers for each project listed. This creates a grid that can then be filled in with the respective employees engaged in each project and part of that department. This template also uses colors and shapes to build connections, making it easier to grasp the matrix at first glance. 


Org Charts are handy in presenting the organizational structures of your company. Just make sure to be clear in your purpose and definition, gather all the relevant information, select the category of org charts that will fit your purpose, and plan for changes and modifications in the future before starting your Org Charts. After all, this diagram is broken down your company’s structure to its bare bones and is exactly what organizations need to keep on top of their internal workings and structure.

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