Learn How To Print Speaker Notes In PowerPoint | PowerPoint Tutorial

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Learn How To Print Speaker Notes In PowerPoint | PowerPoint Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to how to print the PowerPoint slides with speaker notes. Memorizing a long and detailed presentation is not just tricky, but it is almost impossible. Effective presentations are the one that does not include too much information in the slides but, at the same time, gives all the relevant information to the audience. How does a presenter keep the information in the slides short and provide access to additional information to himself and the audience?  Here comes one of the most useful tools of PowerPoint – Speaker Notes. It can make your presentation sharp and exciting and also help you improve your presentation delivery.

What are Speaker notes in PowerPoint?

Speaker Notes in PowerPoint helps the presenter create additional notes in the ppt slides that help recall important messages, information, or statistics as they give a presentation. You can also print the speaker notes along or without the slides and share them as handouts to the audience for reference. Printing notes, and providing them as handouts to the audience, helps your audience understand and remember more of what you say.

Advantages Of Speaker Notes 

  • They help present only the essential information. 
  • Allow you to keep your slide uncluttered by moving the non-essential data to the notes section. 
  • PowerPoint Notes also allow you to share the correct statistics with the audience as it is difficult to memorize numerical figures and stats. 
  • They are also helpful in sharing the ppt slides as handouts to the audience containing additional details related to the presentation’s main idea. 
  • PPT Notes also serve as a summary of the key points. 

Speaker notes are an essential feature for any presenter. They allow the presenter to deliver the presentation smoothly without memorizing it and also help the audience have detailed information and takeaways from the presentation.

How to print speaker notes PowerPoint Presentation to create handouts?

Sharing presentation handouts to the audience containing speaker notes is a great way to make your presentation more effective and memorable. And sometimes, when the audience requests a copy of the presentations, sharing a physical copy is more effective as it serves as a marketing tool and also helps in word of mouth. 

Step 1 – Adding notes – Click on the Notes section at the bottom of the slide. 

Step 2 – Insert the Text/Notes 

Step 3 – Printing the Speaker Notes –  Click on File>Print>Full Page Slide>Notes Page

Step 4 –  Preview the page before printing 

Step 5 – Select Print 

Here is a quick video tutorial that explains how to add notes to PowerPoint and print them with the slides to share as handouts to the audience:

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