Not a designer? Don’t Worry! You can still make Facebook visuals using PowerPoint that multiplies your likes & shares

May 31, 2018| slideuplift
Not a designer? Don’t Worry! You can still make Facebook visuals using PowerPoint that multiplies your likes & shares

Did you know that images on Facebook garner 53% more likes than text? Posting text messages on social media is a passé. You too can create highly-engaging graphics without being a graphic designer. Yeah, you read that right. This blog will empower you to create cool visuals using PowerPoint.  Now, add more personality to your content that you share, be it your Facebook profile as a display picture, cover page, or just any random post.

  • Open PowerPoint application and create a new slide. Go to the layout section and pick a blank slide.

  • Once you have inserted the blank slide, select Design option from the toolbar.
  • Under the Design option, go to Page Setup option.
  • Under Page Setup option, you will be able to see width and height fields. You can fill the sizes depending upon your requirement. Let’s say you want to design a cover page for Facebook, so the ideal dimensions should be set accordingly. (The cover page is wider while the profile picture is a square image with equal height and width).

Facebook Cover Page Size – 820 pixels wide X 312 pixels high.
Facebook Profile Picture Size –178 Pixels wide X 180 Pixels high.
Facebook Posts – Portrait – 476px wide and up to 714px tall
Facebook Posts – Landscape – 476px wide and up to 316px tall
Facebook Posts – Square – 476px wide and up to 476px tall

  • If you are planning to create more than one image, then you can choose ‘number of slides from’ option to have other slides setup according to your requirement.
  • Once you have set the size of the page, you can insert the required picture on the slide. After adding it, you can enlarge the picture and fit that to your page. You can even change the brightness and contrast of the image if the need be.

If you are a finance professional and you want to share a witty pun about your profession on Facebook, you can do it by choosing an attractive image and a pun that goes along.

  • Once you have added the picture, add a text box through insert option to put your message. Make sure you don’t shape fill or use colors that make the font illegible.

  • Now, select all the elements (Ctrl + a) on the picture and choose the option ‘Group’ from the toolbar

  • Right click on the picture and select ‘save it as picture.’


Here’s the final output:

This looks pretty cool for a beginner, right? Not just puns and jokes, you can put any message out there, maybe to wish someone a birthday, share a quote, talk about your area of passion or any message that creates a brand value for you. A visual gets more traction than just a text. It can help you potentially get more likes and followers on Facebook. If you are running a Facebook page for your brand, PowerPoint is a blessing.  All you need is an image, a text, and PowerPoint of course.

Happy Facebooking!!!

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