Use Hidden Slides to Back Up Your Business PowerPoint Presentations

Updated: October 22, 2021| Published: April 17, 2018| SlideUpLift Blog
Use Hidden Slides to Back Up Your Business PowerPoint Presentations

It can be quite tricky for business professionals when it comes to deciding the length of content that should go in the business powerpoint presentation. One might never know how much of content is enough. If you add too much content, it might turn off the audience. If the content is too less, you may never know when your audience can put up questions that require more information. And the balancing act between too much and too less is fiddly.

To avoid such scenarios, we bring some interesting tips for business professionals that will help them have better control over the content they present and definitely help them impress their clients/colleagues/managers.

Hide Feature: Microsoft PowerPoint has an interesting ‘hide’ feature that allows the user to hide a slide or number of slides that he/she wishes to.

  • If you see the image of a slide deck above, you will realize that there are 8 slides in all.
  • The content in slide number 5, 6 and 7 is a detailed explanation of the content in slide number 4.
  • In a business scenario, one may choose to not show these extra slides at all while presenting but would like to keep a back-up of the extra slides in case there’s the need.
  • In such a scenario, you can select all the slides that you don’t want to be a part of your business presentation and select ‘hide’ option by right-clicking.

  • In the image above, you can see slide number 5, 6 and 7 are selected and hidden.

Why is it important?

  • When you start your presentation after hiding the slides, your presentation will begin from slide 1 and move in sequence till slide number 4.
  • After slide 4, it will skip the hidden slides (slide 5, 6 and 7) and directly move on to the slide 8.
  • Technically, your audience won’t know if there are any other slides in the presentation apart from the ones that you showed them.

Calling the hidden slides back:

  • Hiding the slides has been easy. But what would you do if you want to get those hidden slides to support your presentation?
  • The simple option would be to unhide those slides and then rerun the presentation

Watch this stepwise video tutorial to get a detailed idea


But we have a smarter way of doing that by using the hyperlink feature. Let’s see how.

The Hyperlink feature:

  • Let’s suppose you need more information to support slide number 4.
  • Select slide number 4.
  • Insert any symbol against or before the point. We have inserted 3 ovals from shapes option in the menu bar, and placed them before all the points from slide number 4.
  • Now, the supporting information to point 1 from slide 4 is on slide 5, which is hidden.
  • So, go to insert option in the menu bar and choose hyperlink option.
  • Once you choose hyperlink option, go to ‘Place in this document,’ and then select the slide that you would want to link this point with.
  • Click ‘ok’ and the slide is linked.

  • So, the next time you run the presentation, if the need be, you can click on the shape before the point that leads you directly to the linked hidden slide.
  • See the image above to understand better. You can link the rest of the shapes in this slide with other relevant hidden slides and call them as and when required.
  • The shapes here have been used just for illustration purpose; you can add new text and link it, or link the existing text on the slides as well.
  • A business professional may need to use this hyperlink feature time and again, in that case, we suggest you to use the shortcut for a hyperlink: Ctrl+k. This will work!

Watch this stepwise video tutorial to get a detailed idea 


Coming back from the hidden slides:

  • You have easily moved from one slide to another using the hyperlink option, but once you have shown the content on the hidden slide, you might want to go back to the original/previous slide.
  • In that case, link this slide to the previous slide (Again, by using shapes or text).
  • So, with one click, you are back to the previous one without having to start the presentation from square one because doing so would defeat the whole purpose of using this hyperlink option.

Jumping from one slide to another:

  • When you are sure that all of the content of your PowerPoint presentation is relevant and has to be shown, you wouldn’t want to hide any of the slides.
  • When you start your presentation, you might get random questions. Some questions might not pertain to the slide that you are explaining, questions may be related to content from a distant slide, so do you have to browse through each slide to get to the relevant slide?
  • The answer is no. All you have to do is enter the value of that slide and hit ‘enter.’
  • You will directly switch to that slide. This way you can go back to the earlier one again by typing the value.
  • This option is very useful when your PowerPoint presentation is loaded with too many slides.
  • All you need is a hand-out with slide numbers on it so that you don’t have to memorize them.

Conclusion: These tips certainly give you better control over the presentation that you are about to deliver and they are ought to sway the audience.

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