Modern PowerPoint Templates

We have crafted an extensive collection of modern PowerPoint templates and minimalist PowerPoint templates that helps you to stand out from the crowd. Our collection of ready-to-use modern powerpoint slides will give you an edge and help you share your ideas more succinctly and effectively. Our modern PowerPoint designs are simplistic, creative, and, most important of all, customizable. You can make as many changes as you want and make the templates perfect for your presentation needs. If you’re looking for some modern presentation templates for your next business presentation, then this is your pit stop. Our modern powerpoint background helps to make compelling presentations using principles of vision science and storytelling. Business consultants and PowerPoint specialists power our modern presentation templates. These modern powerpoint template designs let you convey your message in an engaging way. 

Learn more about the three checks of creating an effective powerpoint presentation.


What is the 10 20 30 rule?

The 10 20 30 rule of PowerPoint Presentations can be your best friend when building effective presentations. The 10 20 30 rule will help you make your presentations quick, easy to digest, and easy to follow. We all have sat through presentations that were unnecessarily long and filled to the brim with text. Such presentations are dull and don’t succeed in engaging the audience.

Let’s see what it’s all about.

A presentation should contain 10 Slides, last no longer than 20 minutes, and not have a font size smaller than 30. These rules are flexible and can be changed to suit different scenarios. The essence, though, should not be forgotten.

The first rule caters to the short attention span of your audience. Nobody wants to sit through a gruesomely long presentation that contains unnecessary information. Stick to your topic and complete the presentation within ten slides.

The second rule is concerned with the number of slides you have and the topics you want to cover. As mentioned, try to stick to your topic and ensure that you end your presentation within 20 minutes.

The third rule will help your audience to remain engaged. A large font-size will ensure everyone in the room can read your text. A larger font-size also prevents you from stuffing the slide with unnecessary text.

If you are on the lookout for some PowerPoint presentation templates, we highly recommend you go through our collection of free PowerPoint templates. Our templates will help you share your ideas succinctly and concisely. Our collection includes Modern PowerPoint templates, minimalist PowerPoint templates, and other modern PPT templates.

What is the 2 4 8 rule in PowerPoint?

The 2 4 8 rule in PowerPoint is a great tool to build audience engagement. It will ensure that your audience is interested in what you have to say.

To keep your audience engaged, don’t spend more than two minutes on a slide. Add a maximum of four bullet points with eight to ten words per bullet point. This rule is important because it becomes difficult for people to read and listen at the same time. Too much text breaks their concentration.

The 2 4 8 rule will help keep a stronghold on your audience and ensure that you keep them interested and engaged.

To check out some other PowerPoint tips and tricks, glance through our blog on The Three Checks Of An Effective PowerPoint Presentation.

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Where can I download new PowerPoint Templates for free?

To download some new and free PowerPoint Templates, you can browse through our collection of Free PowerPoint Templates. Also check out our collection of minimalist and Modern PowerPoint templates. Our templates are fully customizable and also compatible with Google Slides. Try SlideUpLift for a hassle-free presentation-making experience.

How do I apply the same design to all the slides in PowerPoint?

To apply the same design/theme to all slides in PowerPoint, go to the Design tab, and choose your theme. You can press the More button to reveal more options to choose from. Right-click on your favorite slide and select the option “Apply to All Slides”

How can I make my PowerPoint more visually appealing?

The following tips will help you make your PowerPoint presentation more visually appealing.

  1. Use a Template - The internet is full of beautifully designed free PowerPoint templates that you can use to make your presentation appear visually appealing. Using a modern PowerPoint template is the most hassle-free way of adding an elegant touch to your presentation. You can browse through our collection of free PowerPoint templates to make your PowerPoint presentations attractive. We also offer some unique and modern PowerPoint templates, which we would love for you to check out.
  2. Icons - Using graphics or icons in place of text can uplift your presentation. Icons are easy to read and help convey your information quickly. They are also easy to remember and will help you make a mark on your audience.
    Try to substitute bullet points with icons and graphics. You can also give them a description to provide context. To download some great icons, have a look at our extensive icon collection.
  3. Diagrams, infographics, and charts - Instead of using raw data in the form of a percentage, average, etc. try to use graphs, charts, and infographics to depict your data. Using infographics will drastically improve the visual appeal of your presentation.
  4. Use the right font - Using the right font and font-size is immensely important. Avoid using tiny fonts that may not be visible to everyone in the room. Verdana, Impact, Georgia are one of the most popular fonts for PowerPoint presentations. Try using a font size close to 30, which is widely the right font size for presentations. To understand how fonts affect your presentation, check out our blog on how Presentation Fonts Matter In Influencing Your Audience