Timeline PowerPoint Templates

Timeline templates are one of the most helpful visualization tools for summarising the project’s story, schedules, business processes, or business strategy over the years. Presenting complex data into more understandable and appealing information is a crafty task, but it can be easy with timelines. In a professional presentation, a timeline template is one of the most powerful visualization tools for showcasing information about the project. Timeline PowerPoint Templates are also helpful in presenting the project team’s calendars, timetables, or workflows effectively and concisely. However, creating an engaging professional timeline design in any office tool is a tedious process. That’s where the pre-designed collection of timelines come in handy.


What are the different uses of timeline templates?

They are great for story-telling and are majorly used for projects and processes that deal with visual chronological illustrations. You can use them to:
  • Give a quick rundown of events
  • Present an agenda or a roadmap towards the goal
  • Emphasize important dates and time

The top 4 timeline PowerPoint you would require in any of your presentations are:

Business Strategy:  These timeline templates can help you highlight your business goals for the future to your clients and stakeholders.

Company:  These timelines showcase the company’s progress, future goals, and achievements that outline who you are plus what you stand for today.

Project: A project timeline template is a visual summary of a project from start to end, highlighting key milestones, deadlines. It is a must-have tool for Project Managers for better communication between team members, which eventually increases work efficiency among teams.

History: A history timeline provides a thorough understanding of the company’s past and future goals.

What are the different ways of showing timelines?

Animations: Animations help to direct the audience’s attention to your message. Animated Timelines will make your presentation more effective and engaging and will help you highlight each milestone effectively.

Pictures: Studies have shown that people will retain 65% of the information presented through pictures. Adding Images to your timeline presentation like a history timeline or company timeline will assist as a visual context when you elaborate a concept, it will extract the viewer’s emotions and let the audience join in on a moment bringing that moment back to life.

Shapes: Shapes can influence how your audience feels about an idea as it subconsciously connects the viewer to the objects. For example, use a road shape in your roadmap timeline to show the precise path of your organization. Use triangle/mountain shapes in your business strategy timeline to represent prosperity.

Isometrics: Professionals can use isometrics in all their presentations, from project timeline, company timeline, to Business Strategy timeline.