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Timeline Powerpoint Templates

We provide an extensive collection of  Timeline PowerPoint Templates for creating winning business presentations.  Our business Timelines Slides are visually attractive and come in different varieties such as – Roadmap Timeline Templates, PowerPoint History Timeline Templates, Milestone Timeline Templates, Animated Timeline PowerPoint Templates, Horizontal Timelines, Vertical Timelines or just simple Timeline Templates – all in one place. These creative Timeline Templates come in a diverse color theme, style, icons and infographics that will leave an impact on your audience.

Here is a Free Timeline Template for you to try.

What is a Timeline PowerPoint Template?

A Timeline PowerPoint Template is one of the most powerful tools that visually presents information about a project, product roadmaps, their schedules, the sequence of business processes or planned strategy in professional presentations. A timeline slide creatively showcases key milestones and events of a company or product over a particular time period.

Where can I use Timeline PowerPoint templates?

Timeline templates are best used to visualize complex information in an easy way so that it becomes understandable. They are great for story-telling and are majorly used for projects and processes that deal with visual chronological illustrations. You can use a Timeline Template to:

  • Give a quick rundown of events
  • Present an agenda or a roadmap towards the goal
  • Emphasize important dates and time
What are the different types of Timeline PowerPoint Templates?

Timeline Templates can be categorized on the basis of their structure-orientation:

  • Horizontal Timeline Templates: This layout is best to demonstrate 6-7 events or points and with brief descriptions of each in a page-wide horizontal format
  • Vertical Timeline Templates: This is a flexible format of timeline representation that is easy to follow and is best used to demonstrate a lot of events or milestones with long descriptions in vertical flow. It has two main types:
    1. Centered Vertical Timelines: A Centered Vertical Timeline runs right down the center of the page, with branches coming off its either side and is best-used to present a lot of points or events that are either - text and graphics
    2. Left-aligned Vertical Timelines: A left-aligned vertical timeline is a layout in which the timeline is aligned to the left side and all of the branches come off towards the right side of the page. It is best for a text-heavy content, with few graphics but lots of divisions
  • Snake Timeline Templates: In this layout, the timeline runs from one corner across the opposite corner of the page resembling a snake-like figure. It is best for representing a lot of events or points though with less text
  • Roadmap Timeline Templates: It allows you to map your plan and key milestones for product development, marketing strategy or your business sales
  • Customer/Product Journey Timeline Templates: It helps you to visually demonstrate how your customers are interacting with your company or how is your product’s performance in the market
  • Event Timeline Templates: These templates highlight all the major dates and deadlines in a single slide and helps to keep track of all major milestones of an event

Other PowerPoint Timeline examples are:

  • Day Planning Timeline Templates to prepare daily plans and goals
  • Weekly Calendar Timeline Templates to prepare weekly plans and goals
  • Monthly or Quarterly Timeline Templates to set up monthly/ Quarterly action plans and goals
  • Annual or Yearly Timeline Templates to demonstrate the annual progression of a company or a business
  • Gantt Charts to represent scheduled tasks and project timelines For a wide range of Gantt Charts, you can check out our Gantt Chart PowerPoint Templates
  • To learn more about how to make a creative timelines and see PowerPoint Timeline examples, read 7+ Creative Timeline Templates Plus Tips And Examples