Blue Gradient Background

Blue gradient backgrounds are perfect for showcasing corporate presentations as the blue color depicts trust, stability, wisdom, and responsibility. Background colors influence perception greatly and can help you to make your presentation more engaging and impressive. Our PowerPoint background designs are easily customizable and allow you to change anything and everything according to your business presentation needs. Blue Gradient background Presentation deck gives a professional outlook to your presentation and visually boosts them. You can use these professional PowerPoint background templates for your HR presentations, Marketing presentation, business development presentations, and much more. With these ready-to-use gradient templates, you can build a creative, modern, and impressive presentation without spending much time.

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What is a gradient in Powerpoint?

Gradients are a blend of two or more colors that progress and merge from one to another. But knowledge of colors and its combination is essential for making a gradient. If the user does not choose the right colors and gradient style, it can mess up the entire background making it look unappealing to the user's eye. The gradients are also known as fountain fills or blends.

How do I create a gradient background in powerpoint?

To create a gradient background in Powerpoint:

  • First, in Microsoft Powerpoint, Right click on the blank slide (with your mouse) and click on Format Background.
  • After clicking, the Format Background window will open on the right.
  • Then click on the gradient fill option.
  • Create your custom gradient of two, three, or more colors by adding in color stops.
  • Choose the gradient type as Radial from the drop down menu.
  • Then choose the direction of the gradient as from center from the drop down menu.

Can you apply solid and gradient background in a slide?

In Powerpoint, you can edit background slides by removing the background graphic and filling the slide background with a solid color, a color gradient, a texture, a pattern, or a picture of your choice. You make these changes by clicking on the Format Background pane. A color gradient can have from 2 to 10 gradients stops spending upon your choice. (To make a gradient color, open the gradient fill panel. After the gradient box opens, we find a color box filled with two colors. We notice at the bottom of the box; there are two squares where the distinction in color is seen. These squares are called stops. These stops allow you to fill colors in them, thus making a gradient.)