The Coronavirus has changed work cultures around the world in unprecedented ways. Entire management systems had to be overhauled to ensure productivity and communication in these trying times. Companies are now trying to create long-term change management strategies to help them cope with the massive change caused by the pandemic around them. As markets, consumers and workspaces evolved, so have the risk mitigation strategies for firms dealing with Coronavirus induced changes. Browse through SlideUpLift’s presentation templates that have been carefully designed to reflect the impact of the Coronavirus on your company’s core processes, applying a visual element to your change management strategy and risk mitigation measures. These Coronavirus Templates range from complete business decks to change management templates to risk mitigation templates to stakeholder impact templates and many more. Our Coronavirus presentation templates are fully customizable and compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides, ensuring ease of access for your presentations. You can also find  Coronavirus icons and vector images, as well as specific  Coronavirus templates that deal with its impact. 

Learn more about how companies should adopt an appropriate crisis management framework through our Crisis Management that identifies key aspects that focus on dealing with the unforeseen effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.