Risk Meter

A Risk Meter is an essential tool when it comes to risk assessment and management. Use our carefully designed templates to ensure that you communicate your risk assessments with the team. A visual aid will significantly help communicate high or low-risk level endeavors and make communication far more effective.  A Risk Meter can be used by all business professionals, from project managers to financial analysts to brokers, agents, and managers, to ensure they’re accounting for and communicating their risk level assessments and risk management strategy to their team effectively.  

Choose from one of the many risk meters available in SlideUpLift’s catalog and utilize our visually appealing and carefully designed templates for showing Project Status. You can also use a variety of dashboards to show overall project risks and status. Also, find PowerPoint template ideas to show your risk mitigation strategies. Find a ready-to-use Project Status Presentation to get a head start in preparing for your presentation. Also, read about the best practices in planning for your project so that your risk meter is always in the Green.