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The COVID Remote Working Series: 15 Virtual Meeting Etiquettes For Effective Online Presentation

Making live presentations gives a familiar and dreaded feeling of butterflies in the stomach. Online presentations are a step above; they pose more challenges and of a different nature. Consider this: You can’t read people’s body language, you can’t know if people are even listening to you. Your effectiveness goes for a toss since virtual presence is a great equalizer….
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The COVID Remote Working Series: Tips To Conduct Successful Virtual Meetings

6 Tips To Conduct Successful Virtual Meetings

In the wake of the current situation, countless people have suddenly been thrust into the world of remote work. And with increased encouragement to maintain social distance, there’s a distinct possibility that in-person meetings with teams, customers, or suppliers may not be possible for, potentially, weeks. In circumstances like these, it is quite apparent that Virtual Meetings and Online Conference…
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The COVID Remote Working Series: What Works Better For Presentations? Google Slides or PowerPoint?

5 Tips to Deliver Winning PowerPoint Presentations using PowerPoint Templates

Picking the right business presentation tool can be challenging, especially when options that you are weighing seem to be close. The most popular options that anyone would come across are MS PowerPoint & Google Slides for business presentations. While PowerPoint has been on the market for ages, Slides has been a late entrant but has impressed the audience with its…
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