How To Ace An Executive Summary

What Is An Executive Summary?

An executive summary is a brief extract of a more extended report or presentation and outlines the essence of the entire presentation.

A robust executive summary creates value for the reader as a first impression and generates interest in viewing the rest of the content by highlighting the key points.

Best Practices To Write An Effective Executive Summary?

Begin With a Bang

Keep it Simple and Short

Placement of the Summary

The Interest of the Audience





Begin with a bang

The opening statement of your executive summary needs to be effective. Use the most differentiating plus point of your presentation as the lead sentence.

Keep it Simple and Short

The executive summary slides should only be 5% – 10% of the length of the entire presentation. Putting too many details in the executive summary is contradicting to its purpose.

Placement of the Summary

The executive summary slide should be the last thing you should write when making the presentation.  However, it should be placed right before the introduction of the presentation so that the audience knows what to expect.

The Interest of the Audience

Do your research and consider the mindset of your audience. Tailor the summary to intrigue them with your study and proposal, convincing them to invest more effort in your presentation, and read further.

Examples of Executive Summary for different business scenarios