Product Description:

Company Strategy Roadmap PowerPoint & Google Slides Template

This comprehensive, blue-themed roadmap template helps you visualize and communicate your business strategies in year time frames. It effectively conveys the company’s goals and objectives and helps them make strategic decisions in the future. 

The template is divided into three sections, each representing a time frame. For each particular year range, a square-shaped text box is provided to you, in which you can mention your strategies or objectives.

The first section of this template represents year one, under which you can discuss all the short-term strategies of the company. In the middle, you get “year three to five” section where you can mention the medium term strategies. Lastly, the “five plus” section is where you can discuss the long term strategies. 

You can customize icons, images, fonts, and backgrounds as per your presentation needs. This template is compatible with MS PowerPoint and Google Slides. It can be used by Product managers, Product team members, Stakeholders, and Sales or marketing teams to present their strategies in a structured and clear format. 

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