PowerPoint Themes

Find fully editable PowerPoint Themes to create compelling presentations to communicate your ideas and engage your audience. These presentation themes are easily customizable and provide a great starting point for your presentation. They are an excellent solution for every business professional that does not have the time to start a presentation from scratch. They also help reduce the presenter’s block and provide a fresh set of ideas to convey the message. We have a wide collection of PowerPoint presentation themes related to project management, marketing, business strategy, and more. We are one of the biggest providers of expertly crafted ready to use PowerPoint decks that every business professional may need at some point in their career. We also provide google slides themes for download for you to build presentations in google slides.


What is a PowerPoint Theme?

A theme is a predefined combination of fonts, colors, and effects applied to your presentation. Text and graphics automatically take on the size, colors, and placement defined by the theme, which means less manual work as you create individual slides.

Why do you need a PowerPoint Theme?

Business professionals need to make impactful and memorable presentations to succeed in the business world. However, creating effective and professional presentations can take hours and PowerPoint skills to be successful. That's why every business professional needs to have Presentation themes when they don't have time to start a presentation from scratch. These  Presentation themes are a carefully created and curated collection of slides and templates necessary for a particular business requirement. You can make entire presentations in a fraction of time using customizable PowerPoint decks.

What is the difference between PowerPoint templates and PowerPoint themes?

PowerPoint Themes give your presentations a designer-quality look that includes more slide layouts with coordinating colors, a matching background, fonts, and effects. In comparison, a PowerPoint template is a blueprint of a slide or group of slides that you save as a .potx file. In short, PowerPoint Templates (single slide) might not go with your PowerPoint theme as they might have their layout and format.

How do you apply a theme to all slides in PowerPoint?

If you want to change the theme for all slides, then follow these easy steps:

  • Open your Powerpoint presentation.
  • On the top bar, you can see the Design Tab. Open the Design tab.
  • Search for the most suited PowerPoint Theme. Hover over the theme you like. Right-click it, and then select Apply to All Slides.

What are the most common PowerPoint Themes for Project Managers?

The most popular powerpoint themes download by Project Managers are:
  • Business Case / Project Proposal
  • Project Kickoff
  • Project Planning
  • Project Review and Reporting
  • Project Closure