30 60 90 Day Plan Templates For PowerPoint & Google Slides

A 30 60 90 day plan PowerPoint template visually represents your goals and objectives for the first three months in a new role. SlideUpLift’s collection acts as a starting point and provides a roadmap to achieve that. The collection contains templates suitable for professionals in various industries and roles, catering to different levels of h
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30 60 90 Day Plan Templates And Slides:

A comprehensive 30/60/90 plan template elevates your planning and preparation for your new job. Inculcating the objectives, action plan, and constant feedback, a well-defined 30 60 90 PPT template enhances your presentations to make them look professional.

With just a minor formatting, you can make these pre-designed 30 60 90 day plan slides to match your liking. You can update the appearance, visual elements, layout, fonts, and color in our 30 60 90 template powerpoint. Our collection offers an array of color themes, styles, icons, and presentation infographics, ensuring you find a template that perfectly resonates with your vision and personality. Please browse through our collection of paid and free 30 60 90 day plan templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides!

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What Is A 30 60 90 Day Plan?

A 30-60-90 plan is a written document that outlines goals and objectives for the first three months of a new job or a new role within a company. It provides a structured approach to achieving success, clarifying expectations, and demonstrating commitment.

Who Can Use The 30 60 90 Day Plan Template?

Any working professional taking on a new role can use a 30 60 90 plan template. It includes taking a new job or role in the same organization. Here’s how different professionals can use the 30 60 90 day plan PowerPoint template:

  1. Leadership and executives to discuss plans in leadership team meetings and company-wide events.
  2. Managers to set goals and priorities for/in their team.
  3. Project Managers manage projects through a task force.
  4. Training Managers to develop training programs.
  5. HRs/Managers to conduct new employee onboarding.
  6. Sales Managers to discuss sales strategies and targets.
  7. Marketing Managers to create and plan marketing initiatives.

How can I use a PowerPoint template for my plan?

Download a template you like for a PowerPoint presentation or Google Slides. Then, use them to create presentations according to your needs.

How many slides should a 30 60 90 day plan PowerPoint Template have?

The number of slides in a 30 60 90 day plan presentation varies on the complexity of the job and the information that needs to be presented. However, keeping the slides to around 4-5 minimum is generally recommended. This will ensure that the plan is easy to read and understand.

Where can I find the 30 60 90 Day Plan Template PowerPoint download?

You can find it in our Business Templates Category. Browse and choose the template you like. Navigate to the “Add to cart” Button and download the template.

What Should My 30-60-90 Day Plan Template Include?

Your 30-60-90 day plan template must focus on the following things:

  • Clear, measurable objectives and goals: A clear picture of what metrics you want to achieve after 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days, respectively.
  • Tasks: A list of activities/tasks you will work on to achieve your objectives. You can split the tasks into weekly and daily tasks.
  • Regular Progress Reviews: Performance evaluation with your manager to ensure you are on track.
  • Adaptable and challenging action plan: It should also have an action plan with steps you would take to achieve your goals.

How To Create A 30 60 90 Day Plan?

All 30 60 90 day plans are different for different profiles. But, at the foundation, the core elements and the process to make a 30 60 90 day plan are the same. Follow the steps below to create it:

  • Describe the company’s mission.
  • Establish the goals for the first 30 days.
  • Establish the goals for days 31-60 and days 61-90.
  • List down the tasks to achieve the set goals.
  • Take constant feedback and assess development.

To read more details, refer to this guide on creating a 30 60 90 day plan. Once you have developed the plan, it is essential to present it to stakeholders. For that, you can browse and download from our collection of 30 60 90 day plan template PowerPoint and Google Slides.

What should I consider when choosing a 30-60-90 day plan template?

When choosing a 30-60-90 day plan template, consider factors such as the template’s design, the level of customization it offers, and whether it aligns with your industry or job role. Select the one that suits your preferences and needs.

How do I incorporate visuals into my 30 60 90 Day plan presentation?

All our 30 60 90 day templates come with Different types of visuals. You can use them according to your industry theme and background or add your own visuals. Our templates are fully editable.