Business PowerPoint Templates

Create stunning business presentations using our wide collection of 100% editable Business PowerPoint Templates. Our creative PowerPoint templates are ideated by ex-consultants and developed by graphic designers. Our team is constantly adding fresh and best business presentation templates so that you can escape stale slide work and truly shine in your next business or company presentation. A properly built template makes it easy for you and your team to maintain a consistent look and feel across all of your business presentations. Browse our latest business PowerPoint templates varying from 30 60 90 day plan to Customer Journey to PowerPoint diagrams and PowerPoint Shapes. We encourage the usage of these 100% editable corporate presentation templates because we know the impact good design can create along with powerful business messages.

This collection of creative PowerPoint templates includes company profile PPT, SWOT PowerPoint templates, business case template, company introduction ppt, business idea presentation, Human Resource templates, and much more. You can also check out our blog on PowerPoint Presentation Tips to help you in your business presentations.

What is Business PowerPoint Template?

A business PowerPoint template is a professional template with minimalist designs and colors which is completely editable. These templates are predesigned customizable PowerPoint slides that save time and help build engaging business presentations. These templates could be themed according to the brand of a company.

How to create a creative Business PowerPoint Template?

To make a creative business PowerPoint template, you use infographics, diagrams, images, and icons to make the template attractive and attention-grabbing. Therefore, it is advisable to use Business PowerPoint Templates for building business presentations as infographic templates ensure that the presentation is engaging and impactful. Learn more about how to effectively use infographics to make an attractive presentation.

Why do you need to use Professional Business PowerPoint Templates?

Business presentations are not only about the content but also about design. The design of your PowerPoint templates plays a great role in the kind of impact that the content has on the audience. That's why you need effective business PowerPoint templates to create engaging and winning presentations. In addition to this, Pre-designed PowerPoint templates and themes save business professionals tons of time improving their productivity.

Are Business Powerpoint Templates compatible with Google Slides?

Yes, all the professional PowerPoint templates and themes at SlideUplift are compatible with Google Slides. You can both edit and present these presentations in Google Slides. You can also download templates in two different sizes 4x3 and 16x9.

Are Business PowerPoint templates copyrighted?

Business Powerpoint templates or any template or theme at SlideupLift cannot be used until you purchase them. Please see our terms of use.

What is the purpose of Business Presentations?

Business presentations are the default medium of communication in business settings. Professionals use presentations to inform, educate, and persuade internal and external audiences. The main purpose of business presentations is to convince your clients, customers, or senior management about your business case.. A well-crafted presentation also reflects professionalism and helps maintain an organization's corporate image.

How to download Business PowerPoint Templates?

SlideUpLift has a wide collection of creative business PowerPoint templates for Professionals to download and create well-organized planning presentations. The collection includes HR templates, project management templates, Accounting cycle templates, planning templates, 30 Day Plan Templates, and much more.

How do I make an animated Business Presentation in PowerPoint?

Learn to build animated business presentations, you can utilize various features of PowerPoint like Animation to create beautiful animations. To learn the complete process step by step, head on to this Youtube Tutorial on creating Animated Presentations.

Building an animated business presentation is time-consuming. You can download creative and animated pre-designed business presentation templates from SlideUpLift. We have a large collection of professional PowerPoint templates and themes.

What are the features of a Good corporate ppt template?

Good corporate PPT templates are based on sound vision science principles for building effective presentations. If you master them, be rest assured that you will always ace your presentations. The four foremost principles are:

  • What colors should you use in your presentation design?
  • How to choose your presentation fonts?
  • How to choose proportions of the various visual elements on your presentation slide?
  • Which shapes to choose to communicate your message effectively?
Learn in-depth about all the four principles of Vision Science to create effective presentations.

What are standard font sizes for business presentations in PowerPoint?

While deciding what font size you should use in your business presentation, make sure the font is big enough so that the audience can easily read it from a distance. Any font size less than 24 points is usually too small to be readable in most presentations. It is preferable to use most text at a 28 or 32 point size, and the titles being 36 to 44 point size. You could use a 20 point font size when adding a caption or description text to a graph or diagram.