534+ PowerPoint Backgrounds For Presentations

We offer you a range of expertly designed PowerPoint Backgrounds with stunning & attractive slide designs to grab your audience’s attention. SlideUpLift’s 100% Professional PowerPoint Backgrounds will help you create an impactful and visually engaging presentation. These backgrounds, also known as PowerPoint Themes, give you an excellent starting point for your business presentations. These free ppt backgrounds, also compatible with google slides backgrounds, instantly communicate your presentation’s visual theme and context. In short, use presentation backgrounds to save time and boost overall productivity in your presentation-building process.

What Is The Best Background For PowerPoint Presentation?

The best PowerPoint presentation backgrounds should consist of visually appealing images, graphics, and colors. It should contain theme-based images, shapes, and colors that accurately represent what you are trying to show. The best PowerPoint background allows for a presentation to be interesting and engaging. It should be consistent with the theme and should complement the information given on top of it.

How To Make PowerPoint Backgrounds?

A PowerPoint background can consist of various types- solid colors, images, and visual effects. It depends on the situation when deciding which backdrop will be the most suitable.

To put a solid color as the background -

  1. From the design tab, select Format Background.
  2. Select Solid Fill from the options given under the tab.
  3. Choose the color you require as well as the transparency.
  4. Select Apply to All to change the background color of your entire presentation.
To put an image as the backdrop-
  1. From the design tab, select Format Background.
  2. Select Picture or Texture Fill from the options given under the tab.
  3. Click on Insert to choose either a downloaded image or search the web for an appropriate image.
  4. Select Apply to All to apply the background image to your entire presentation.

How To Get More Presentation Backgrounds In PowerPoint?

PowerPoint has many ready-to-use background templates available in various themes and color palettes. Here are steps to get backgrounds on PowerPoint.

  1. Go to the Design window and find the Themes tab.
  2. Use the arrow to browse through the available themes.
  3. Select the one that you like. By clicking on the theme once, you can preview it on your slide.
  4. Once you’ve selected your theme, start creating!

You can also find backgrounds for PowerPoint through online services that provide expertly designed templates for your use, such as SlideUpLift.

How To Remove Background in PowerPoint?

There are a few ways of removing a background from a slide:

  1. Simply click on the image you have as a backdrop and hit delete.
  2. Go to Design > Format Background, and choose No Fill from the tab.
  3. On the View menu, select Master > Slide Master. In the thumbnail pane on the left, click any slide layouts you want to remove the background from.
  4. You can also follow our video tutorial which explains in detail how you can remove the background from an image for your presentation.

Where Can I Get Free PowerPoint Backgrounds?

Use SlideUpLift's aesthetic PowerPoint Background Templates, to get a stunning visual impact in your presentations. SlideUpLift gives a range of unique colorful backgrounds slides to boost your presentation productivity and help you save time.