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Strategy & Roadmap PowerPoint Templates

With our extensive suite of Strategy and Roadmap Templates for PowerPoint, we offer you the best business templates that help you showcase your strategy roadmap in a business presentation. Our Strategy Roadmap Templates collection covers a wide range of roadmap slides for every business presentation need such as – Product Roadmaps, Project Planning Roadmaps, Strategic Roadmaps, Marketing Roadmaps and many more. Some of the key features of our Strategy Roadmap Templates include 100% customization, appealing template design and use of professional color themes.

Here is a Free Roadmap Template for you to try.

What is a Strategy Roadmap Template for PowerPoint?

A Strategic Roadmap Template for PowerPoint is a time-bound planning tool that is used to organize and visually represent significant information and business plans. In order to achieve the key goals, strategic roadmaps are commonly used by business organizations to define what changes or action steps must take place, and why those changes or action steps are needed.

Why do we need Roadmap Templates?

A Roadmap Template is an important business strategy planner that helps to showcase an overview of a strategic business plan using graphs, charts or other illustrative means. We need Roadmap Templates to showcase:

  • Effective business planning
  • Investments, business steps and analysis with the company’s goals and plans
  • Gaps between product vision and technology plans
  • Competitive and practical key objectives and next steps
  • Communicate business, technology, and product projects
What are the different types of Roadmap Templates?

Different types of Roadmap Templates:

  • Customer Journey Roadmap is a roadmap that documents a consumer’s experience from their first interaction with a brand until they become a customer of the same brand or company.
  • Marketing Roadmap is a visual way to showcase and present your marketing plans that have a particular purpose depending on the target audience and demographics.
  • HR Roadmap is a roadmap commonly used by recruiters and human resources departments to create recruitment plans and map HR strategy actions-plans.
  • Project Roadmap is an illustrative, high-level outline of a project's key goals and deliverables exhibited on a timeline.
  • Product Roadmap is a visual summary that outlines the vision, direction, and progress of your product or service over time. A product roadmap communicates briefly about components such as - product vision, goals, initiatives, releases, time and status.

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