Dashboard PowerPoint & Google Slides Presentation Templates

Dashboard PowerPoint templates are an invaluable resource. Presenting various sources of information into a single, concise document is easy with SlideUpLift. These dashboard templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides facilitate the communication of complex insights and data points while captivating your audience. Our diverse collection covers every topic, from sales to analytics to finance or any other field.

These pre designed PPT dashboard templates save you time with appealing and concise infographics. Perfect to be also used for Google Slides and PowerPoint, these dashboard templates allow easy customization to suit your requirements. Whether delivering business management updates or project presentations, our templates become your indispensable ally. Explore our free PowerPoint dashboard templates and elevate your data-driven presentations to new heights.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your data-driven presentations with SlideUpLift’s dashboard presentation template. You will find pie charts, line graphs, bar graphs, and more in our collection. Take data visualization to the next level and stand out in every presentation with our game-changing dashboard PowerPoint templates. Ditch the hassle of working with dull dashboard templates and choose from our extensive collection of uniquely curated paid and free PPT dashboard templates.

What is a Dashboard template in PowerPoint Presentation?

A dashboard PowerPoint template is a ready-to-use template for presenting and visualizing vital information and data points from various topics and industries. These templates for PPT and Google Slides provide a structured layout with various graphical elements which can be customized to present data clearly. Users can easily assess progress and monitor data with a dashboard PowerPoint template.

What is the significance of dashboard slides in PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations?

The significance of a dashboard slide lies in its ability to deliver data in a compelling and coherent manner. A PowerPoint dashboard presents data in a standardized way so that it is easy to interpret and follow. These slides offer a consistent and visually appealing format for presenting information, utilizing charts and graphs, and are perfect for professional or personal use. Using a dashboard template makes analyzing data points, patterns, and trends easier.

In what scenarios can dashboard templates be used?

There are many scenarios in which PowerPoint dashboard templates are used. Some examples where these dashboard templates can be used in presentations are:

  1. Business Review
  2. Project Management
  3. Financial Analysis
  4. Marketing Dashboards
  5. Customer Relationship Management

How can I create my dashboard template in PowerPoint?

Creating a dashboard presentation template in PowerPoint is easy; just follow the steps below:

  • Open PowerPoint, insert individual graphic and art objects in your PowerPoint template, and arrange them to meet your presentation requirements.
  • You can add relevant images to your template to enhance your presentation. You can add captivating visuals by clicking on the “Pictures” icon in the Insert tab.
  • Lastly, add accurate data and relevant information to complete your dashboard template.

However, if you don’t want to create your dashboard templates from starch, you can also start with our pre-designed free PowerPoint dashboard templates.

Can I download free PPT dashboard templates from SlideUpLift?

Yes, you can download free PowerPoint dashboard templates from SlideUpLift. We offer hundreds of professionally curated dashboard templates for various topics and presentation needs. In addition to PowerPoint, they are also available as Google Slides dashboard templates and are free to download.

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