Dashboard PowerPoint & Google Slides Presentation Templates

PowerPoint dashboard template is an essential tool used in business that displays critical information from multiple sources into just one document or page. The dashboard PPT helps to communicate complex relationships between data to your viewers. 

With the help of a dashboard slide template in PowerPoint, you can visually track, analyze and display the KPIs to keep a check on the business’s functioning or a specific project. Our collection of PPT dashboard templates showcase important and complex metrics, data, and statistics, with creative illustrations like pie charts, line graphs, bar graphs, charts, etc., for more detailed analysis. All our PPT dashboard templates are compatible with google slides and are easy to edit to meet your specific needs. PowerPoint dashboard is useful in business management and project management presentations. So download these dashboard templates with persuasive and straightforward graphics to make an impression on your audience.


What Is A Dashboard Template?

A PowerPoint dashboard template is a pre-designed structure or framework for visualizing key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics, and other critical data elements. The dashboard PPT template often comprises a collection of charts, graphs, and tables that may be customized to present data that is easy to understand. It allows users to view data, track progress over time, and identify areas where improvements can be made.

What Is Included In PowerPoint Dashboard Template?

PowerPoint dashboards typically include a range of visual aids such as graphs, charts, and tables, which help to highlight key data points and trends. It may also include commentary from the presenter to provide context and interpretation of the data. The dashboard in PPT should be easy to read and visually appealing, with a consistent design and layout. Inshort, a PPT dashboard template aims to give a crystal clear visual overview of critical information so that users can rapidly comprehend the main insights and act on the data presented.

What Is The Purpose Of The Dashboard PPT template?

The purpose of a dashboard in PowerPoint is to provide stakeholders with a quick and easy way to access critical information and make data-driven decisions. They are used in business settings to monitor progress toward specific goals or objectives, track sales or marketing performance, and analyze operational efficiency. Dashboard presentation is an effective way to communicate complex information clearly to stakeholders, allowing them to make informed decisions and take appropriate action based on the data presented.

Why Is PowerPoint Dashboard Slide Important?

Dashboard slide templates are important as they provide a consistent way to present data in a clear and visually appealing format. PPT dashboard templates often include PowerPoint charts, graphs, and other visual aids that can enhance the visualization of your data. This can make it easier for your audience to see patterns and trends in the data. A PowerPoint dashboard can also standardize the way data is represented and make it easier for your audience to understand and navigate the data. Using a PowerPoint dashboard template in your presentation can enhance visualization and provide a professional appearance.

How To Create A Dashboard Slide Template In PowerPoint?

Creating a dashboard slide in PowerPoint involves multiple steps:

  1. You can start creating a dashboard with the help of PowerPoint SmartArt.
  2. Insert the SmartArt objects individually and arrange them properly as per your presentation needs.
  3. Add images to make the presentation more engaging. Just click on the “Pictures” icon under the Insert tab.
  4. Add accurate presentation data and that’s it.

If you want ready-to-use free PowerPoint dashboard templates, feel free to pick one from our templates library.