Map Templates

Do you want to highlight your business performance specifically through maps in your PowerPoint presentations? Then you have come to the right place as our platform helps to provide you an extensive collection of vector-based powerpoint map templates that will help you leave an everlasting impression. Adding collection map templates in your presentations will allow users to differentiate key essential areas of your specifications.  We provide a variety of editable maps for the powerpoint of various areas such as the USA(North America), UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, China, South America, etc. Editable PowerPoint Maps help you showcase your business locations, key business performance highlights, customer demographics, etc. Using a PowerPoint map as a visual aid helps maintain your audience’s attention to your business details. So you must include editable maps for powerpoint in your next business presentations to make them more impactful.
We offer an extensive collection of vector-based powerpoint map templates for your winning presentations. Check out our blog on how to use PowerPoint Map Templates in your presentations.


What Is A Map Template?

A map template for PowerPoint is an editable infographic that visually represents a map of a larger geographical area, its national boundary, division of states, and other geographical factors. You can easily highlight the particular area-specific information in your business presentations by using an editable map powerpoint template, which will surely simplify your efforts while delivering the information in front of your clients and investors. These predesigned templates will give limelight to the business's essential parameters, i.e., the location of the company, key highlights of the business performance in a particular area, customer demographics, etc. It helps an organization to showcase its business progress effectively in a specific geographic region.

Why Should You Use A PowerPoint Map Template?

Let us say that you want to provide a report showing the increase in the sales growth rate of a particular region. Then you surely don't want to confuse your potential clients and investors, bombarding a lot of unnecessary information through boring table format, right? So, in that case, you should use editable map templates that will highlight only the important information that you want to deliver in front of your audience. Building an actual map from scratch is challenging that's where the editable maps step in for your rescue. A map template can be 100% customized by the users as per their needs. You can highlight different regions and areas for specific content by placing different icons or shading them with different colors. A single editable powerpoint map slide helps us depict tons of data regarding your global highlights in a single glance. Map templates are the infographic that delivers information using illustrations. You can use this simple trick of adding powerpoint map templates in your presentations to make them more engaging.

What Are The Various Uses Of Map Templates?

PowerPoint Map allows users to highlight and focus on a specific geographic location. Map Templates for Powerpoint show company timelines, Key Business highlights across various business offices, office locations, and their interconnection. Some of the other uses of these editable maps for powerpoint are:

  • To highlight sales coverage and target markets
  • To showcase the areas your business operates in
  • To analyze the business demography
  • To accentuate the market with poor sales etc
  • To highlight the areas seeking future potential growth
  • To highlight the areas for future expansion of a business

How Do You Create A Map In PowerPoint?

A PowerPoint offers a variety of shapes and lines to draw the maps. To access these tools, click on the Powerpoint insert tab, and then click on the shape icon located in the illustration group.

To draw basic shapes like oval, rectangle and lines, use the shape option and move the shape you want by dragging them across the slide. In the toolbar, you will see the formatting option to change the color style and shape. To draw complex shapes such as buildings you can use the option ie freeform or simply superimpose two shapes. Use the scribble tool to draw freehand lines like to show the curved streets and roads. Just use the scribble tool on the slides to draw the lines. You can change the thickness and the color of the line using the formatting option in the options bar. After following all these steps you can successfully create a powerpoint map template in your presentations.