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Powerpoint Map Templates

We offer an extensive collection of vector-based Map Templates for PowerPoint for your winning presentations. We provide a variety of editable maps for PowerPoint of various locations such as the USA (North America), UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, China, South America, etc including World Map PowerPoint Templates and Country Flags, etc.

What is a Map Template?

A map template for PowerPoint is an editable infographic that visually represents a map of a large geographical area, its national boundary, division of states, and other geographical factors. These templates mainly help you showcase where your businesses are located, key highlights of your business performance in a particular area, customer demographics, etc. that helps an organization showcase their business status effectively in particular geography.

Why use Map Templates?

Maps are widely used for different business presentation purposes however, building an actual map from scratch is challenging. That’s where the editable Map Template steps in for your rescue. A map template can be 100% customized by the users as per their needs. Regions and areas can be accentuated for specific content by placing different icons, or by shading it with different colors or can be highlighted in any other way. A single map slide helps us depict tons of data regarding your global highlights in a single glance. It is, after all, an infographic that delivers information using illustrations.

What are the various uses of Map Templates?

Map Templates for PowerPoint can be used to show Company Timelines, key business highlights across various business offices, different office locations, and their interconnections, etc. Some of the other uses of these templates are:

  • To highlight sales coverage and target markets
  • To showcase the areas your business operates in
  • To analyze the business demography
  • To accentuate the markets with poor sales etc.