Finance Templates

Use Finance Templates to make a persuasive financial statement analysis PPT to impress your audience. SlideUpLift has created an extensive collection of awesome presentation templates on finance, such as income statement analysis, balance sheet analysis, etc. These ready to use, fully editable Finance PPT templates make a significant visual impact by making your stats and figures look engaging. Browse our collection of Financial PPTs to prepare impressive financial analyses and reports in your presentation. Compelling financial statements PPTs help to visualize business data and information with great ease. The collection includes Graph templates, cash flow statement PPT, PPT accounting, financial services PPT, business analysis, and much more.

You can also read our blog on Charts and Graphs for more information, and here is a Free Financial PowerPoint Template for you to try.

What is a corporate presentation?

Corporate Presentation is a way of communicating the company’s brand image to potential investors, clients, or senior management. Marketing presentation, business review presentation, executive summary presentations, etc. are examples of corporate presentations. The Corporate Presentations generally include a snapshot of every aspect of your business from your company profile, to offerings, to your team to achievements so far. Check out different types of Corporate Presentations.

What should be included in a financial presentation?

An excellent financial presentation generally includes:

  1. Income Statement–KPIs
  2. Balance Sheet–KPIs
  3. Cash Flow Statement–KPIs
  4. Key Financial Ratios
    • Liquidity Ratios and Solvency Ratios
    • Profitability Ratios
    • Activity Ratios
  5. Funding Updates Debt
  6. Funding Updates Equity

How do you present a company's financial performance through Powerpoint Presentation?

PowerPoint Presentations offer various features to build charts and graphs and tables to showcase your financial data effectively. Charts and graphs are effective ways of visualizing large sets of data. You can make a better impression by going with simple elements like playing with font sizes and pictures. Smartly using captions, labels, appealing color schemes, etc. can help you effectively present your financial data. Check out this detailed article on 6 Ways To Tell A Story With Data Using Chart Templates.

How do you start and end a financial powerpoint presentation?

You can start your financial Presentation by showing recent revenue or profit statements using different charts and graphs. The closing slide of a financial presentation should recap the data and information that you have shared. It is always better to illustrate a concept with graphics or key bullet points. Check out these finance PowerPoint templates specially designed by experts for different financial aspects.

How do you analyze a company's financial position?

Investors determine the value of a company by examining its financial position based on the financial statements and specific ratios. The financial position of a company can be analyzed using:

  1. The Balance Sheet
  2. Current Assets and Liabilities
  3. The Current Ratio
  4. Non-Current Assets and Liabilities

What are the benefits of using financial ppt templates?

The benefit of a financial PPT template is that you can effectively showcase a financial analysis presentation with all its essential aspects. It can include Income Statement Analysis, Balance Sheet Analysis, Cash Flow, Charts and Graphs, PPT accounting, Budget, Business Analysis, and Business Review. It is very important to include all these topics in your financial Presentation template. Check out these financial PowerPoint templates.

What are the best Financial Powerpoint templates?

The best financial PowerPoint templates are those that can effectively showcase all different aspects such as Balance Sheet Analysis, Cash Flow, Charts and Graphs, Budget, Business Review, etc. SlideUpLift has created a vast collection of the best financial PowerPoint templates for professionals, including all different aspects of financial analysis.

Where can I download free corporate financial ppt templates?

Many websites provide free financial Powerpoint templates on the web. SlideUpLift has an extensive collection of free PowerPoint templates. Also, check our Premium Collection of Stunning Financial PowerPoint templates.