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Business Review Presentation PowerPoint Template
This PowerPoint template is ideal for presenting business performance updates, progress reports, and financial results to stakeholders, investors, or team members. You can create a compelling business review with this PowerPoint theme.  This PowerPoint template consists of pre-designed slides to add aspects of the company or business updates, such as overall review, sales review, people review, and financial review.  The overall review consists of current and business market updates with the latest strategic initiatives. Sales review consists of the current sales pipeline and sales report card. People review consists of people strategy and hiring status updates.  Similarly, a financial review...
Customer Journey Roadmap PowerPoint Template
This Customer Journey PPT template is ideal for businesses to visualize the journey of their customers from the initial stage of awareness to the final stage of advocacy.  This eye-catching PowerPoint template has a Roadmap Design that is in the shape of an ‘S’. The curved road in this PPT template starts with a checkered flag which represents the start of the customer journey or the beginning of a goal. At the end of the road, there is a championship cup that depicts the success or completion of the customer journey or goal.  This Strategic Roadmap PPT allows the user...
30 60 90 day plan for executives detailed PowerPoint Template
This 30-60-90 Day Executive Plan PowerPoint template is a professionally designed PPT template that can help executives and managers create an effective plan for their first three months on the job. This PowerPoint template is ideal for you if you are an executive, new to an organization and want to build a successful plan. Using this framework, you can effortlessly showcase your business plans for the first 30, 60, 90 days on your new job and impress your manager and the team.  Our creative 30-60-90-day plan PowerPoint template offers 3 different slides. These PPT slides allow you to highlight your...
Puzzle Diagram 12 PowerPoint Template
This PowerPoint presentation template is a visual representation designed to simplify complex information and make it easily understandable. This slide uses a puzzle piece design to showcase how different aspects of strategy fit together.  This puzzle PPT template helps to break down complex information into smaller, more manageable pieces, making it easier for the audience to grasp presented information. Business professionals frequently use this PowerPoint template to highlight any four features or aspects of business in an effective way. In terms of design, this template is highly customizable, allowing the presenter to choose colors, shapes, and text that best suits...
Business Review Dashboard 3 PowerPoint Template
This Business Review Dashboard PPT template follows a detailed framework that helps an organization present its business information using data-driven charts and graphs. Using this PowerPoint template, you can showcase the sales performance summary in one snapshot. This is a great dashboard to highlight your product/brand or company performance in one snapshot. This template specifically highlights your Revenue, New Customers, Gross Profit, Total Costs, Sales Comparison, Sales by Product, and Performance. The dashboard can be used by Product Managers, Marketing Managers, or Finance Managers to showcase their business reviews.
Change Management Plan PowerPoint Template
This comprehensive Business PowerPoint template is designed for managers, consultants, and HR professionals looking to lead change within their organizations. This template includes all the key elements of a successful change management plan, including defining change goals and a timeline with blue chevron arrows that indicate the plan’s time period. This neat Chevron arrow PowerPoint presentation template also allows users to showcase their key points for every time period in a bulleted format that can be fully editable and downloadable. The design is clear & concise and effectively showcases your change management plan to stakeholders and ensures everyone is on...
Animated Resume PowerPoint Template
Animated Resume PowerPoint template is a professional way to showcase your skills and experience. This PPT template allows you to create dynamic, interactive, and graphic presentations highlighting your qualifications and making a lasting impression on potential employers. This animated PowerPoint presentation template highlights your accomplishments and makes your Resume stand out. Whether you are looking for a new job or looking to advance in their current careers, this template theme is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your goals. This PowerPoint slide is designed to make your PowerPoint CV stand out. You can easily edit all the information...
4 Step Ladder Diagram PowerPoint Template
Business professionals and managers can make use of our 4-step ladder PowerPoint template to showcase the steps involved in the growth of their business.  This ladder graphic PowerPoint template consists of 4 major steps – factors involved in technology enhancement, growth hacking, cost decrease, and revenue increase. You can explain each and every step in detail to give a clear understanding to your audience. You can use this PPT slide in your business and finance-related presentation. 
Employee career growth 1 PowerPoint Template
Users can utilize the Employee Career Growth PowerPoint template to showcase the career progression of their employees. This PPT template can be used by HR professionals in their employee orientation presentations or employee appraisal or review presentations. HR managers can also use this PowerPoint template in their HR presentations to offer an overview of different employment levels.  Five distinct 3D boxes are included in this infographic template to display professional paths. Professionals can use this presentation template to display their career accomplishments and showcase where they stand in their specific fields.  This 3D graphics PPT represents a step timeline. It...

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