Professional PowerPoint Templates

We have created a huge collection of Professional PowerPoint Templates to help you save time on creating your PowerPoint presentations. Find suitable Professional Presentation templates and themes to communicate your ideas clearly and engage your audience. You can focus on your message, while our designers focus on generating the best professional PPT templates most suitable for the scenario you need. The process is very simple, download a PPT template design that matches your needs and fill the gaps with your own content. The PPT designs cover many different styles, from creative to various types of business presentation templates including PowerPoint themes that are highly customizable and easy to edit. Download as a Microsoft PowerPoint template or use them as Google Slides themes. These PowerPoint Presentation templates are designed by expert designers using principles of visual science and storytelling for PowerPoint designs. We are confident that you will find our Professional PowerPoint templates useful. We encourage the usage of these 100% editable professional PowerPoint slides because we know the impact good design can create along with powerful business messages.

You can also check out our blog on How to create a PowerPoint Template to get you started. Also, check out our library of Free PowerPoint Templates.


Why You Need To Use Professional PowerPoint Templates?

Have you ever thought how much of your time and effort is being wasted on designing engaging PowerPoint Slides for your presentation? Or how much you can focus your time and effort on your strategy and content if you could use predesigned PowerPoint Templates to build winning presentations?

We have Professional PowerPoint Templates and Themes that fits the unique needs of different business professionals. From Simple to Minimalist to Creative PowerPoint Templates, we have it for you that can empower your PowerPoint Presentations. They are 100% editable, ready to use and instantly downloadable.

Besides, the way a high-quality photo or video always captures our mind, the great quality Professional PowerPoint Infographics will make a memorable impact on the audience. Our delightful slide templates use visual science to create impact.

How Are These Professional Templates Helping Business Professionals?

Time is a scarce resource for business professionals. So that you can focus most of your time and effort on your strategy, content and messaging, we have created a large library of Professional PowerPoint templates with business templates for Entrepreneurs to Marketing Managers to Finance Managers and many more. Our slide designs are conceptualized by business consultants and designed by graphic designers to ensure that latest trends in visual science and storytelling are implemented.

How PowerPoint Templates Are Easy For Business Professionals?

Using professional business templates is very easy. Browse through the templates library, click on what matches your thinking and download PowerPoint templates. Our templates are fully editable. Changing size, position, color and adding text to shapes, diagrams, icons, charts and graphs, text and table, list, etc. is very easy. You can edit everything that is in the template from icons to charts to graphs.

How Our Latest PowerPoint Templates Fulfill Business Professional Needs?

Our Professional PowerPoint templates are designed by highly qualified team of business consultants and graphic designers keeping latest trends and business professional needs in mind. Our design team look out for the latest trends in designs, colors and is constantly adding fresh templates so you can escape stale slide work and truly shine in your next presentation.

How To Download Free Professional PowerPoint Templates?

Select from different corporate PPT templates like timeline templates, business strategy PowerPoint templates, Executive Summary PowerPoint templates to various PowerPoint Shapes and diagrams and many more. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

What Background Is Best For A PowerPoint Presentation?

The best PowerPoint background for slides should have high contrast, so they are easily seen. Dark backgrounds should have the light text and bright accent colors. Light backgrounds should have the dark text and bold accent colors. This holds the attention of the audience and can read the text and see the graphs easily. The best PowerPoint background color is dark blue, which gives a good emotional feeling as the predominant color on the screen and yellow and white text and graphics have good contrast with the background. And in the case of light PowerPoint backgrounds, a beige background combines the emotional impact of white and brown. The dark text provides enough contrast to make the item stand out on the screen.

How Do I Create A Custom Theme In PowerPoint?

In the Design tab, you can create a new theme with new theme fonts and the effects you want. You can start from the basic 'Office' theme, or pick another by clicking the down arrow, and then play with the details. If you go to View > Master Slide, you can also add graphics, logos, etc. that will appear on every slide of that layout. When you are done creating the theme for your presentation, click the down arrow for Themes in the Design tab and Save Current Theme. This will save your new theme to a local folder so that it is always there as an option in Design.

What Are Standard Font Sizes In PowerPoint?

When deciding what font size you should use in your presentation, make sure the font is big enough so that the audience can read it from a distance. Any font size less than 24 points is usually too small to be reasonably readable in most presentations. It is preferable to use most text at a 28 or 32 point size, and the titles being 36 to 44 point size. The only reason you would use a font less than 24 points is when adding a caption or description text to a graph or diagram, where you could use a 20 point font size.

Is Canva Better Than PowerPoint Templates?

Canva is useful for quickly creating presentation slides if you are in a rush; it is not for those who want full control over their slide designs. It is not a real presentation app as it lacks great features like animations, transitions, parallax scrolling, and video. If you have used PowerPoint, you will feel a bit constricted with what you can do in canva. Although you have a lot of elements and options at your fingertips, it is not the same as being able to control every single aspect of your slide.

How Can I Make My Slides More Attractive In PowerPoint?

Infographics are probably the best way to make your business presentations more attractive and attention grabbing. It is also proven that Infographics result in increased engagement as compared to other visual media. And also make sure to choose the font size appropriately, use a PowerPoint background that is in strong contrast with the text, and try not to use too much text and too many colors on your PowerPoint slides.