Free Organizational Chart Templates for PowerPoint & Google Slides

Org Chart templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides are a visual representation of the company’s structure. They depict hierarchy, relationships, and relative ranks between the employees. Org chart PPT templates are crucial to report relationships within a company, showcase how departments are connected, who reports to whom, and share contact information. Therefore, working professionals from various sectors and departments choose organizational chart PPT templates to showcase the chain of command.

Accurately representing organizational hierarchy during meetings is of utmost importance. Different organizations follow different org structure based on their size and the way of working. Our collection of Org Chart templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides has a wide range that includes hierarchical org structure, functional org structure, flat structure, matrix structure to name a few. These organizational chart templates feature standard shapes and lines that seamlessly illustrate the chain of command.

Available as both Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides org chart templates, they offer 100% customization. Edit the elements and the content to your needs within clicks. Browse paid and free org chart PPT templates from our collection. Explore now!


Org Chart Templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides Presentations

Org chart slides are one of the most important slides used in business presentations. An organizational chart is used to represent stakeholder relationships within the company. It can be used by HR professionals to showcase organizational hierarchy, project managers to introduce the project team, team leaders to talk about their team to the clients, etc. 

SlideUpLift’s Org chart PowerPoint and Google Slides templates are designed to evolve with your organizational needs. It is effortless to update them to reflect changes in the organizational structure, keeping it current and accurate. That’s not it; the organizational chart PowerPoint templates boast responsive designs, ensuring your slide looks polished for a professional presentation on various screen sizes and devices. 

Our collection of organizational chart PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes feature visually appealing designs, including names, titles, and contact information to engage your audience effectively. All the elements in the organizational chart PPT templates are pre-designed. You avoid the tedious task of designing each element from scratch. Just choose the PowerPoint or Google Slides org chart template you like, quickly refine the content, and leave the rest to us! Explore our premium and free organizational chart templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides now!

What is an organizational chart PowerPoint slide template?

An organizational chart or org chart, is a diagram that shows the structure of an organization. It illustrates professional relationships between the employees and their reporting structure. Org chart PowerPoint templates visually represent this hierarchy as a PowerPoint slide and can be saved as a “.potx” file. These charts display roles, ranks, reporting lines, and positions. They feature different shapes and lines to seamlessly showcase the hierarchy.

What are the benefits of Microsoft PowerPoint organizational chart templates?

Utilizing an org chart PPT template offers multiple benefits when crafting presentations to showcase organizational structures:

  • Provides a visual representation of a business organization’s functions.
  • Helps break down and communicate the hierarchy of an organization.
  • Clearly illustrates the distribution of roles and responsibilities.
  • Aids in resource planning and project planning for more effective management.

What are some important elements of org chart PowerPoint templates?

The key elements of a PowerPoint or Google Slides org chart presentation template are:

  • It must include grouping workers based on functions, teams, customer needs, or location.
  • It must reflect the determined decision-making authority in the company.
  • Defines the organization’s culture, procedures, rules, and guidelines.
  • It should allow you to assign tasks or roles based on employee experience, education, and skills.
  • It should illustrate reporting relationships, eliminating inefficiencies in business operations.

What are the different kinds of org chart templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint?

There are different types of org charts based on varied organization structures. Different org chart templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides available are:

  • Flat Team Structure Org Chart: Streamlines management layers, improving coordination and decision-making speed.
  • Hierarchy Chart: Showcases the chain of command from top to bottom.
  • Line Organizational Structure Chart: Clarifies responsibility, accountability, and authority through a chain of command.
  • Matrix Org Chart: Illustrates interconnections between departments and teams.

Who can use org chart PowerPoint templates?

Org chart templates in PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations can be used by working professionals across departments. 

How to customize the elements of Org Chart PowerPoint and Google Slides templates?

SlideUpLift has a collection of paid as well as free Org chart PowerPoint and Google Slides templates to download. Once you have downloaded the template in either PowerPoint or Google Slides, you can change/edit the elements in the template. Select the element you want to customize in the org chart template, change the color, edit the employee name, title and description, customize the font to suit your presentation needs.

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