Org Chart Templates

Organizational Chart Templates are a graphical representation of an organizational structure. Org chart PowerPoint helps in illustrating the reporting hierarchy or structure within the organization. It represents a hierarchy of how the work is to be done and ensures the information is shared throughout the organization to the right individuals.
We provide an extensive collection of organizational chart templates that help you illustrate an organization’s structure or a company. Browse our library of 100% editable Organizational Chart Templates to showcase an organization’s Hierarchy in your business presentations. Our templates’ key features include visually appealing design, bright color schemes, interactive infographics and icons, flexible framework, etc. Create stunning Org Chart PPT Presentations using our Org Chart templates. These org chart ppt templates are designed by experts, fully customizable templates, and compatible with MS PowerPoint and Google Slides. To serve your different needs of Org Charts, we provide various Org Chart Templates such as Tree Org Chart Template, Layered Organizational Charts, Matrix Organizational Charts, work breakdown structure, and many more. Check out our extensive range of Team Templates for more designs.

Here is a Free Org Chart Template for you to try. Learn how to make Org Chart in PowerPoint


What Are Org Charts Templates For PowerPoint?

Org Chart is a presentation tool used to illustrate rank, responsibility - including information flow in your company - that represents a detailed picture of the internal structure of a business organization. To showcase an organizations hierarchy in a presentation, business professionals prefer using Org Chart Templates. These templates help you structure an organizations hierarchical flow in an illustrative chart. These illustrative Org Charts spread out into supplementary branches and sub-branches that denote each individuals role in a company. Organizational Charts are known by various names. Some of them are - Organograms, Organogram Charts (sometimes spelled Organigrams or Organigrammes) and Hierarchy Charts.

How Do You Create An Organizational Chart In PowerPoint?

Creating Org Charts in PowerPoint is time-consuming and cumbersome. Professionals use Pre-designed Org Chart templates if you want to make one yourself, here are the steps-

  • In the Insert tab, go to the Illustrations group, click SmartArt.
  • In the Choose a SmartArt Graphic, click Hierarchy, click an organization chart layout, and then click OK.
  • To enter your text, do one of the following:
    • Click in a box of the SmartArt graphic, and then type your text.
    • Click in the Text pane, and add your text.
    • Copy your text from another location, click [Text] in the Text pane, and then paste your text.

Which Microsoft Office Program Is Best For Organizational Charts?

We can create a simple org chart using the SmartArt tool in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. Just select the SmartArt tool from the Insert section. Microsoft Office SmartArt works well for small charts but becomes unreadable and cumbersome for normal-sized charts. But the Microsoft PowerPoint is the best to create effective and visually appealing org charts of any size. There are several editable Org Chart templates available for PowerPoint that you don't need to make one.

What Are The Types Of Organization Charts?

There are several types of org charts-

  • Line organizational structure chart - Line organization chart tends to simplify and clarify responsibility, accountability, and authority. In a line organization, authority follows a chain of command.
  • Staff or functional authority organizational structure chart - A functional Organisational chart is one that organizes employees based on their specific skills and knowledge.
  • Line and functional organizational structure chart - Line and functional organization is a combination of line organizational structure and functional organizational structure. The line Organizational structure focuses on authority, and the functional organization divides the firm into various functional departments.
  • Matrix organizational structure chart - Matrix organization structures are called so because reporting relationships resemble to a grid rather than the Hierarchy. This structure can be seen as a combination of the functional and project-oriented approaches of organizing employees in the company.
  • Divisional organizational structure chart - The divisional organization structure organizes the activities of a business around the market, or product and service groups. Large corporations utilize a divisional structure.
  • Project organizational structure chart - A project organizational structure helps in the coordination and implementation of specific project activity. The design uses teams of specialists from different areas in the organization, which helps in achieving specific results.
  • Committee organizational structure chart - A committee organizational structure chart is defined as a group of people who discuss and develop strategic solutions to specific problems. The main objective of setting up a Committee is to develop broader organizational goals.

How Do You Create An Organizational Chart In Microsoft Teams?

There are many Microsoft Teams Org Chart integrations available, which you can install and use in the Teams. For example, you can download and use the Plumsail Org Chart, which is a part of SharePoint.

  • Adding the Org Chart to the Team's site. Go to the Team's SharePoint site, then Site Pages, create a new page, and pick the Plumsail Org Chart from the menu to add.
  • Adding an Org Chart Teams tab. Create a new tab for Org Chart, choose the SharePoint option from the popup, and select the page that has Org Chart web part in it:.
  • Choose the SharePoint app from the list and pick the SharePoint page with Plumsail Org Chart.
  • That's it. Now, the Org chart is available in the Teams tab.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Org Chart Powerpoint Templates?

The foremost benefit of the Org Chart is that it describes authority and enforces the expected communication structure within the organization. This helps employees understand where they are in the Hierarchy of the company. With Org Chart PPT, there is complete transparency and clarity to everyone in the company that they are on the same page knowing who is responsible for what and how should be the information flow within the organization.

What Are The Key Elements Of An Org Chart?

There are usually six key elements of an organizational structure or chart-

  • Work Specialization - Dividing work tasks among different jobs and assigning them to definite levels is the role of work specialization elements.
  • Departmentalization - Departments are often a group of workers with the same overall functions. They are often broken down by broad categories such as functional, product, geographical, process, and customer.
  • Chain of Command - The chain of command is what the organizational chart typically illustrates. It shows who reports to who in the company's human resources structure.
  • Span of Control - The span of control is the organizational design element that considers the capacity of any manager. There is a limit to the number of people one person can oversee and supervise.
  • Centralization and Decentralization - Centralization and decentralization are organizational design elements deciding the degree in which decision-making is made at one central level or various levels by employees.
  • Formalization of Elements - Smaller organizations tend to have informal elements because employees may serve multiple roles as necessary. Bigger organizations need to formalize elements to ensure the right stuff gets done on time and correctly.

Why Use Org Charts Templates?

Org charts have a variety of uses that makes them a significant tool for business presentations. Org Chart Templates can be used to:

  • Build and design your organizations structure that explains the hierarchical flow of an organization. It is most helpful in the cases of large companies with a lot of departments and helps to present clear and organized data.
  • Provide a clear understanding to the employees of their roles, responsibilities and the hierarchy of management in an organization.
  • Describe the responsibilities and functions of the different departments in a logical order. This helps to analyze and regard each departments budget design work team while generating reports.
  • Give an overview of your organizations staff and individuals that helps the managers understand the work division of an individual and redistribute tasks if needed.
  • Illustrate the chain of command of other departments so that large projects can be processed smoothly. This makes it simple to contact the right authority when you need data from other departments for a large company project.

What Are The Various Uses Of Org Chart Templates?

Org Chart Templates are most frequently used to illustrate a business companys functions to understand the workload of employees. Org Chart also helps in understanding the gaps in a business structure and lets you see who can fill those gaps. These templates can be used for other various uses such as:

  • To show the structure of a business
  • To understand the authoritative flow of a government body
  • To evaluate a business organizations functions
  • To break down the hierarchy of a business body and etc