SWOT Analysis PowerPoint & Google Slides Presentation Templates

The SWOT Analysis PowerPoint template is one of the most commonly used evaluation models in today’s business world. Using this you can better understand the business environment and take strategic steps accordingly. It is a simple structured planning approach to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a business or a project. It is not only limited to business or projects but also can help in your personal swot analysis. SWOT Analysis templates are one of the most commonly used business powerpoint templates. You can use the powerpoint template for swot analysis to provide a thorough understanding of where your business sits and identify potential opportunities to explore. Download the free SWOT analysis PowerPoint templates to highlight the overview of the external and internal factors of a business, product, brand, or new project in your business presentation. You can use our ready-to-use templates to perform a SWOT analysis of your business.


What is SWOT Analysis?

SWOT Analysis widely used tool to analyze your company’s situation in the existing business environment. It stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. With the SWOT matrix, you can understand the external and internal factors that affect your business. The swot analysis ppt template can help you to identify and focus on your strengths, eliminate your weaknesses, minimize threats, and make the most of the available opportunities.

What Is The Main Objective Of Using A SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template?

The main objective of the swot analysis template for powerpoint is:

  • It helps to do a business analysis of internal and external factors.
  • It helps to identify the key strategic areas for the management to focus on.
  • It helps to give a quick overview of the market.

What Is A SWOT Template Comprised Of?

The main components of SWOT powerpoint infographics Are:

  • Strength: Find out what are your company’s strengths in the current business environment. Strengths are positive factors of your company. These are things that are within your control.
  • Weakness: It helps you to identify the weakness of your business. These are the points you need to improve on to be competitive.
  • Opportunity: It helps you to identify the options you can explore to increase business revenue. These are the external factors that contribute to your business being more successful.
  • Threats: It helps to identify the external factors that can harm your business. You need to look out for the things that negatively impact your business.

What Are The Uses Of SWOT Templates?

SWOT analysis template is often used in company profile presentation to showcase the following:

  • Upcoming business opportunities
  • New technology and trends in the business
  • Direct and indirect competitors
  • New Business Strategies to combat competition and threats

Why should you do SWOT Analysis?

Any business needs to analyze both internal and external factors. SWOT template can help you to identify internal and external factors, and potential opportunities to explore. Make use of SlideUpLift’s free swot analysis powerpoint template to showcase the relationship between your strengths and your weaknesses, look at how your strengths could be used to help leverage opportunities, and assess the potential your strengths have to help improve your weaknesses.

How Do You Create A SWOT Analysis Presentation?

Creating a SWOT analysis presentation can be a great way to summarize your analysis of a company or project's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats:

  • Collect all data: Collect all relevant information about the company or project you are analyzing, including market trends, competitors, financials, and internal data.
  • Create a SWOT Matrix: Use a four-quadrant matrix to organize the information you've gathered. Label the quadrants as Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.
  • Populate the Matrix: Populate each quadrant with information you've collected. Focus on the most important factors that affect the business. Use bullet points or short phrases to keep the information concise.
  • Add interactive Elements: Add visuals to make the presentation more engaging. You can use PowerPoint icons or PowerPoint graphics or even images to represent each quadrant.
  • Analyze and Prioritize: Analyze each quadrant and prioritize the most significant items. Include charts and graphs to show trends or illustrate your points.
  • Draw Conclusions: Draw conclusions from the analysis and provide recommendations for the future.
  • Finalize the Presentation: Include a clear call-to-action, a summary slide, and references or citations as necessary.

How Many Slides Should A SWOT Analysis Presentation Have?

Generally, a SWOT analysis presentation should be concise and focused on the most important factors affecting the company or project. Limiting the business presentation to 10-12 slides is a good rule of thumb. This will allow you to cover all aspects of the analysis without overwhelming your audience with too much information. The presentation should be well-structured and visually appealing, with each slide focusing on a specific aspect of the analysis. Remember, a SWOT analysis presentation aims to provide actionable insights and recommendations to your audience, so keep your presentation focused on the most important factors and conclusions.