Product Description:

One Pager Marketing Strategy PowerPoint Template is an effective tool to convey your marketing strategy effectively in only one single, short and concise document. Marketing managers can use this strategy template to give a clear view of how they can achieve their marketing goals. This one-slide PowerPoint consists of six major sections for you to explain in detail. The top row consists of the audience you want to target, the marketing goals you want to achieve, and the marketing channels you will use to help you achieve those goals. Whereas, the bottom row consists of the customer journey i.e. nothing but the behavior of your customers from right at the beginning to the purchase of your product, the key struggles you faced, and tactics and activities you will use to solve those key issues. This one-pager slide will help you provide clarity and direction on where to focus your resources; what strategies to apply; what actions and activities are to be undertaken; and how these will be measured to understand success. Browse through our free PowerPoint themes for your presentation needs.