Aesthetic Backgrounds For Google Slides And PowerPoint

Bring class and comfort to your presentations with our aesthetic backgrounds for Google Slides and PowerPoint. Every presentation needs a good background that adds to its visual appeal, which is exactly what our backgrounds collection aims to do. An aesthetic background slide is where you usually add your content, a quote, or images in an aesthetic manner. If finding a visually appealing background is becoming difficult, then you are in the right place. SlideUpLift has a vast collection of customizable aesthetic backgrounds and aesthetic PowerPoint templates, which you can change the color and look of!

Due to its design and eye-catching visuals, an aesthetic background slide helps you keep your audience engaged and attentive while you are presenting. These backgrounds are compatible with Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint, enabling you to import them easily. Whether you are showcasing a quote or just an image, our aesthetic Google Slide backgrounds and PowerPoint will surely help you get your point across while keeping your presentation professional.

The Watercolor slide background template is a collection of seven slides. These templates have slides for various purposes that can be used to ad....

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The Doodle Slides template introduces a fun and casual approach to your average business presentation by including various doodle elements. The d....

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World Nature Conservation Day 01 Presentation Template Use this World Nature Conservation Day 01 PowerPoint template to create visually appealing....

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Enhance the appeal of your presentation by using the Leaves PowerPoint & Google Slides Background template. This design offers a backdrop tha....

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The Dark Professional Theme & Background PowerPoint Template is designed to grab the attention of the viewers. The color scheme of this deck ....

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The Modern Background PowerPoint Template is a deck with a sleek and elegant design. It is crafted for business professionals, startups, entrepre....

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The Blue Background PowerPoint Template is a deck with a sleek and elegant design. It is crafted for business professionals, startups, entreprene....

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The Professional Background PowerPoint Template has predefined topics that are versatile and can be used by a wide range of professionals. Busine....

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The Green Background PowerPoint Template has predefined topics that are versatile and can be used by a wide range of professionals. Entrepreneurs....

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About SlideUpLift’s Aesthetic Backgrounds

SlideUpLift offers a wide range of aesthetic backgrounds for Google Slides and PowerPoint, which are easily customizable per your needs. We have also answered a few common questions our customers ask when they browse our vast PowerPoint backgrounds collection. If you find creating a presentation difficult, you can even use our AI Slide Editor to make your presentation. Our AI Editor is an editor where you can easily import your favorite templates, like the roadmap PowerPoint template or 30-60-90 day plan, and add them to your presentation. You can then enter prompts; the AI will create your presentations.  

At SlideUpLift, we also provide presentation design services where we help you create high-quality professional presentations with the help of our expert designers. Below are the commonly asked questions by our customers.

What Are Aesthetic Backgrounds For Google Slides?

Aesthetic backgrounds are background images that are designed in such a way that they grab the attention of the viewer using aesthetic tones, themes, and colors. These background images add a touch of class to your slideshow while making it more engaging and increasing audience retention! You can easily import these backgrounds to PowerPoint and Google Slides, making them a must-have if you create an eye-pleasing presentation.

How Are Aesthetic Slide Backgrounds Different From Aesthetic Google Slides Templates?

Here are a few differences between the aesthetic background and templates:

  1. Simplicity: Backgrounds are one visual element, while templates are pre-made slides with various elements that give you a point to start creating a presentation, making them more complex.
  2. Purpose: Backgrounds add a visual element to presentations as they help set the mood and create contrast. On the other hand, aesthetic PowerPoint slides are professional PPT templates that include text boxes, images, icons, fonts, and more, which allow you to keep a consistent theme throughout your presentation.
  3. Customization: Backgrounds usually offer little to no customization with customizable colors. But with templates, they are 100% customizable, and you can change text, fonts, colors, icons, images, and much more!

These are the basic differences between aesthetic presentation backgrounds and aesthetic Google Slides templates.

How Can These Backgrounds Make Your Presentations Look Better?

These backgrounds add a modern yet classy touch to your presentations. The use of earth-like tones and themes makes your presentations more visually appealing. The backgrounds are also designed to be clean and easy to understand, allowing you to keep your audience engaged! We also have a collection of cute PowerPoint templates that will help elevate your presentation’s look.

Where Can You Use These Aesthetic Google Slides Backgrounds?

You can use our PowerPoint and Google Slides background aesthetic for various presentations, like business and professional presentations, cover pages, and even personal presentations. The best part about these backgrounds is that you can use them to showcase your content aesthetically with the help of natural tones and themes. You can use them to add quotes and images to your presentation to keep your audience engaged. 

Does SlideUpLift Offer Free Aesthetic Backgrounds For Presentations?

Yes, SlideUpLift offers various free aesthetic backgrounds for PowerPoint and Google Slides that you can use to make your presentations visually appealing while keeping them professional. However, these templates are only available on our trial membership plan. With this plan, you can access high-quality free PowerPoint templates for 2 days.

Who Can Use These Aesthetic Powerpoint Backgrounds?

Professionals, students, designers, and presenters can use these aesthetic slide backgrounds! The theme of these backgrounds allows you to create mind-blowing presentations with ease while keeping it professional. With the ability to change the colors, you can customize the background according to your requirements and needs.