Sankey Diagram PowerPoint Templates

A Sankey diagram is a specific type of flow diagram used to visualize material, cost, or energy flows. It depicts a flow from one set of values to another, and flows are usually illustrated as the arrows, and the size of the arrow is according to the flow weight or amount of flow. Sankey diagrams are a great alternative to common flow, bar & pie charts. To showcase the information about the structure and distribution of the defined system, you can use the Sankey diagrams PowerPoint. Sankey chart is most commonly used in energy management, facility management, process engineering, material flow management, and process control, and many other types of data visualization presentations. Sankey graph templates are useful for process managers, business analysts, strategists, business management professionals, project managers, etc. You can make an impressive and engaging flow management presentation with our fully editable PowerPoint templates of the Sankey Chart. You can also browse through our extensive collection of Process Flow Chart Templates  and Professional PowerPoint Templates to showcase the relationships between major components in a business process. Readout our blog PowerPoint Flowchart on creating a flowchart diagram in PowerPoint.