Thankyou PowerPoint & Google Slides Presentation Templates

Thank You slides are great for expressing gratitude to your audience for being attentive and interested in what you had to say during your presentation. These thank you images for presentation subtly indicate the end of your presentation and trigger the audience to interact with you through questions or feedback. 

A Thank You template is extremely helpful in steering your audience in the desired direction. You can execute this by adding a small call-to-action text like ‘Any Questions?’ or ‘Please, give your feedback on the thank you slide for ppt. 

You can mention important details like your email, contact number, website domain, or any other important information you feel the audience will find relevant. It will greatly benefit your business if you succeed in making your thank you slide memorable. There is nothing more impactful than giving a great finish to your presentation. Browse through our collection of thank you images for PowerPoint presentations that you can use to make your last slide more engaging and informative.


What Is A Thank You Slide?

A Thank You PPT slide is a crucial part of the presentation. It is used in presentations to let the audience know that you are grateful to them for attending and participating in it. It is recommended to always put thank you slides at the end of the presentation.

What Do You Add In A Thank You Presentation Slide?

A Thank You PowerPoint slide is used in presentations to appreciate the participation of the audience. A thank you PowerPoint template should include the following details:

  • Your profile picture and contact information
  • A brief summary or key points of your presentation
  • An inspiring or powerful quote to end your presentation with
  • A call-to-action
  • A surprising fact or statistics
  • Next steps to take after completing the presentation

Should You Put A Thank You Slide In PPT?

It is not always necessary to have a Thank you slide at the end of every presentation. It completely depends on the type of presentation. But if you still wish to thank the audience for their presence, always end it with a call-to-action, summary, quote along with a Thank You image or note.

Should The Last Slide Of A Presentation Be Used As A Thank You Slide?

It is not always necessary that your thank you slide will be the last slide of your PPT presentation. But most presentations end with a thank you note to show gratitude towards their audience. Along with a thank you template, you can also consider using a Question and Answer slide, you can display your contact information, or you can even end your presentation with a powerful quote.

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