Project Overview Templates

A project overview, often referred to as a project summary, is a tool that allows the project managers to plan out and highlight all the project details. Typically done before the project begins, the project overview is the blueprint for the project as a whole. While the project is in progress, the project overview makes for a great reference point for anyone struggling with the details. A project overview template can be used to give a brief description of the project to your employees or clients. Using the project overview template, project managers can simplify a large amount of data and effectively communicate the purpose, scope, and objectives of a project to the team, to work towards a common goal. Project overview templates clearly and concisely explain the project’s vital points, keeping your team well informed. We offer you the best business templates that help you showcase your project overview in a project presentation. Our collection covers project milestone templates, project scope overview, project phase overview templates, and much more.

What is the purpose of the project overview?

A project overview, also called a project summary, can showcase a brief description of the complete project. This visual representation of the project can help you access any information about the project quickly and easily. It's easy to make changes to a project overview and distribute the new information to team members keeping them well informed.

What is the project overview template?

A project overview template displays all the details of a single sheet to aid better project management. This project template gives an overview of the identified problem, the steps to be employed to resolve it, and the result to be expected.

How do you write a Project overview?

  • A project overview is a summary, which is concise and specific.
  • It summarizes the points to be later discussed in the project proposal.
  • A project overview should demonstrate the framework of your project.
  • It should give a clear picture of the project to your audience and team members.

What is the difference between project introduction and project overview?

A project introduction is a way to introduce the project to be initiated, whereas; a project overview highlights a summary of the project. The project introduction gives the audience the details of the project at the beginning phase. A project overview is a concise document that summarizes the project highlights at any point in time during the project.