Project Status Report PowerPoint & Google Slides Presentation Templates

A Project status report template is a formal report showcasing a project’s progress against the project plan. Project status is an important aspect of project planning activity. Its foremost goal is to keep all the stakeholders informed about the progress, mitigate issues before they arise, and ensure that the project will land within the deadline. 

Every project manager must have this project status update PowerPoint template, as everyone is kept in the loop on the project’s progress. This project status slide also helps to simplify the communication process with a single report that everyone can refer to stay well informed.

The project status template collection helps to showcase various project-related activities and helps maintain intimate communication among team members to ensure all goals and objectives are met. The project status PowerPoint template also helps showcase the project’s overall status, summary, milestones, components, work accomplishments, risks and roadblocks, key takeaways, and a project schedule.


What Are The Uses Of The Project Status Report Template PPT?

Listed below are some uses of a project status slide template in presentations:

  1. Communicating the current status of a project to stakeholders in a clear and consistent format
  2. Presenting information such as project milestones, tasks completed, and any issues or risks
  3. Helping stakeholders understand the progress of the project and make informed decisions about its direction
  4. Saving time for project managers by providing a pre-designed template for creating successful project planning presentations
  5. Keeping stakeholders informed and engaged with the project throughout its lifecycle
  6. Helping to identify potential risks and issues early on, and develop plans to mitigate them.

How Can I Ensure That My Project Status PowerPoint Template Is Effective?

To ensure that your project status presentation is effective, it is important to clearly communicate the current status of the project and highlight any issues or risks that have been identified. Use simple, clear language, and try to include visual aids, such as PowerPoint charts and diagrams, and even add speaker notes in PowerPoint to help communicate key information.

What Information Should Be Included In A Project Status PPT Template?

Typically, a project status PowerPoint template will include information on what was discussed in the project kick off meeting, project milestones, tasks completed, and any issues or risks that have been identified. It may also include project budget, schedule, and resource information.

Who Should Give The Project Status Presentation?

The Project update presentation is usually given by the project manager or another project team member responsible for tracking progress and communicating with stakeholders.

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