Product Description:

This template is a crucial resource for fresh managers to map out their initial three months in their new role. This tool is structured to assist you in outlining an impactful strategy for your first 30, 60, and 90 days as a leader.

At the heart of this template lie five tasks that outline the transition phase for a new manager. These are Taking Charge, Immersion, Transformation, Consolidation, and Fine Tuning. Each task is accompanied by text boxes corresponding to each time frame, enabling you to detail how you intend to tackle these tasks during your three months. The upper section of these professional slides features a heading designed to capture the viewer’s attention and encourage them to delve into your plan. The backdrop involves a soothing color that adds an air of professionalism to your presentation. Visual icons are aligned with each task, providing cues to link the written content swiftly to its intended objectives. Furthermore, a section labeled  ‘Key Highlights’ is positioned at the bottom of the template, offering an area to highlight the crucial aspects of your plan.

This template serves as a fit for individuals venturing into managerial positions and HR professionals and consultants who support managerial transitions. Thanks to its flexibility and adaptability, you can easily personalize this template to suit your requirements and use it on Google Slides or PowerPoint.

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