Product Description:

The idea of the Animated 30 60 90 Day Plan template is to efficiently complete the onboarding process of a new inductee in an organization. This can be presented to the new leaders of the organization or can be presented by HR representatives for new employees or employees beginning new roles at the firm. An ideal 30 60 90 day plan helps for an easy transition into the organization by setting up goals and actions that have to be completed in 30-day increments.

The Animated 30 60 90 template has a tabular format, where the main table is divided into three equal parts. Each of these individual parts represents 30 days, with the contents of each of these parts highlighting the key responsibilities and objectives that need to be fulfilled in that time period. The general color tone of the template is blue and white. The animated template allows for each 30-day period to be highlighted, allowing for the spotlight to be on one period when it is being referred to during the presentation. 

This professional animated template can be effectively used in any organization where a new member has to be inducted. It can specifically be used by HR representatives when welcoming a new employee or promoting an existing employee. This 30 60 90 Day Plan professional slideshow is fully customizable, compatible with Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint, and allows users to alter the text, icons, colors, and font.