How to Hire a Presentation Designer?

PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations are an integral part of corporate meetings. Creating impactful presentations can win you the confidence of stakeholders. But how do you ensure an impactful presentation? Presentation designers can turn boring data into engaging slides. Read more to know how to hire presentation designers to create presentations.

How to Hire a Presentation Designer?
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Last Modified :  October 27, 2023

Presentations have a special power, whether used in business, education, or public speaking. They can enlighten, convince, incite any information. An effective presentation is the key to winning over stakeholders, inspiring and educating a younger audience—an engaging presentation may spark all. Presentation designers play an important role when creating impactful presentations. 

A right combination of presentation experts can either make or break any presentation. Hence, hiring presentation designers is pivotal. In this blog, we will explore how to hire someone to create PowerPoint presentations and how can the right combination of visuals, content, and delivery transform a mere presentation into an unforgettable experience. 

Who Is A Presentation Designer?

A presentation designer is a professional focusing on creating aesthetically appealing and engaging presentations. They have special abilities that blend graphic design know-hows with a profound appreciation for good storytelling and communication. Along with designing great presentations, these designers are adept at organizing content to convey a point effectively; thereby creating an impactful presentation.

What Does a Presentation Designer Do?

Presentation designers, at the crux, create visually engaging presentations. Also known as presentation experts, they are specialists in graphic design and visual communication. Presentation designers use those abilities in your presentation slides to present information in a straightforward and interesting manner. The most popular presentation software’s used by presentation designers include PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, Prezi, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

Why Do Organizations Hire Presentation Designers?

We initially assume that you want to win over a potential investor or business partner. And for that, it goes without saying that you need visually appealing slides that entice the reader or audience to your material. You can counter that since everybody can work on their presentations independently, you don’t need a trained workforce for presentation design. However, this is worse! It implies that all employees regularly waste time working on a side task.

Hence, organizations need a presentation designer to achieve specific objectives:

    • Successful startup pitch decks must always be ground-breaking in quality, whether the company is bootstrapped or in a series A, B, or C round. 
    • Salespeople need their best product demo to look fantastic in private settings. In addition, if you want your pitchers to advance remarkably, your product and marketing presentations must simply be top-notch.
    • According to a survey, an executive devotes more than 4 hours per week on an average to creating presentations. Even though it might not seem like much, this adds up to 188 hours a year! It equates to paying an executive $8,500 yearly to work on PowerPoint slides rather than their actual duties.

Keeping these reasons in mind, employing PowerPoint designers is crucial. It is about letting experts do what they do best. Presentation designers make the most of the visual impact of all that effort while your team concentrates on the central, important initiatives.

How to Hire a PowerPoint Presentation Designer?

If you are going to hire a PowerPoint designer, you must look in the right places, like finding a freelancer or other professional presentation design services that can create a fantastic presentation design. 

Making the important choice of hiring a presentation designer can have a huge impact on how effective your presentations are. Follow the steps below to pick and hire a presentation designer:

    1. Develop a list
    2. Find prospective presentation designers
    3. Examine portfolios
    4. Conduct interviews
    5. Talk about payouts
    6. Execute the contract

Let’s look at each of these in detail.

1. Develop a List:

Define your presentation’s goals and specifications clearly to get started. The type of presentation (e.g., sales pitch, educational, marketing), target audience, content, and desired outcomes are a few things to think about.

2. Find Prospective Presentation Designers:

As a starting point for your search, look at potential presentation designers. There are many ways to do this, including:

    • On websites like Behance, Dribbble, and LinkedIn, you may view the work of many designers.
    • Ask colleagues, peers, or business partners for recommendations.
    • Take into account contacting companies that focus on creating presentations.

3. Examine Portfolios:

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential presentation designers, look at their portfolios. Look for the following when evaluating their earlier work:

    • Is their use of design consistent with how you want to present your firm and its message?
    • Are their designs imaginative, captivating, and visually appealing?
    • Were they involved in projects that dealt with comparable topics or were in the same sector as yours?
    • Do they engage in a range of endeavors that showcase their adaptability?


4. Conduct Interviews:

Make an appointment to meet with the designers you’ve selected for an interview. As part of the interview, you must:

    • Obtain information from them regarding their experience with presentation design and whether they have handled projects similar to yours.
    • Inquire about how they structure information, tell stories, and produce graphics and their creative process.
    • Assess their ability to communicate, cooperate, and attentiveness.

5. Talk About Payouts:

Discuss remuneration and recognize their pricing model, whether it is based on an hourly charge, a project fee, or other conditions. Make sure it fits into your spending plan.

6. Execute The Contract: 

After you’ve selected the designer, you should finish the contract, which should include the project’s goals, deadlines, deliverables, and payment terms. Make sure expectations are communicated clearly.

Hiring a presentation designer can be overwhelming. Hence, it’s important to make a checklist if you are considering hiring one.

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Things to Consider When Hiring A Presentation Designer

It takes time to choose a qualified in-house PowerPoint designer. These five important considerations can assist you in weighing your selections, even though each situation may differ based on what you’re looking for:

Best Designers And Best Design

    • The concept of “Best” designers is somewhat arbitrary. Your preferences determine what you consider to be the “best.” However, confirming that the in-house PowerPoint designer you want to hire adheres to your definition of “best.”
    • You can always review the designer’s portfolio before hiring. It can offer you a more comprehensive understanding of their capabilities. 
    • Presentation designers should always have strong portfolios where you can view earlier work their team has produced and get a basic idea of their style. 

Trustworthiness And Discretion

    • Business presentations frequently include information about internal company matters, such as sales figures or investor commitments. So, you must trust the person you hire.
    • Your in-house presentation designer should oversee a data security policy because of this. 
    • You should have confidence in the in-house presentation designer you hire to the point that you can rely on them.

Client Support

    • The design work results are influenced by taste and individual preferences. You must, therefore, hire an in-house designer with whom you can voice your opinions and share feedback openly.
    • Choose an in-house presentation designer with effective communication methods. You can be confident that your feedback and issues will always be considered. 
    • You should feel comfortable conveying your needs while speaking with the in-house designer. The more effectively you communicate with the designers, the more quickly they will create what you envision.

Customized Services To Meet Your Needs

    • It is crucial to work with a versatile presentation designer who can effectively customize and manage its resources.
    • The in-house designer you’re hiring must be able to assemble specialized and custom designs to meet your requirements.
    • The main advantage of having a committed in-house presentation designer familiar with your brand’s visual language, including its colors, fonts, logos, and design elements, helps you maintain a consistent and cohesive brand look.


    • One of the best things you can do while hiring an in-house presentation designer is to read reviews or recommendation letters from their previous employer.
    • If you are outsourcing to a presentation design agency, most businesses highlight their partnerships on their homepage. 

While hiring an in-house presentation designer seems to be a good choice, you will always have a limited number of resources internally to create presentations. This can be a limitation because of the combined skills that would come to the table. A wise choice would be to outsource your presentation needs to a professional presentation services company.

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Why is Outsourcing Presentation Services a Better Alternative to Hiring an In-House Designer?

Here are some reasons why outsourcing presentations to an agency is better than hiring an in-house presentation designer:

    • Cost Savings: Outsourcing presentation services can be cost-effective as you pay for specific projects, avoiding the expenses of hiring a full-time designer with a fixed salary. 
    • Expertise Access: Outsourcing allows you to tap into a diverse pool of experienced designers and business consultants who specialize in presentations, ensuring high-quality results that an in-house designer might not offer.
    • Flexibility: With outsourcing, you can scale up or down based on your presentation needs without the constraints of maintaining a dedicated in-house team.
    • Time Efficiency: External professionals can often complete projects faster since they focus solely on presentations, saving your team valuable time to concentrate on core business activities.
    • Reduced Training Burden: When you outsource, you avoid investing time and resources in training an in-house designer, as external experts come ready with the necessary skills and tools.

While there are numerous presentation design agencies, at times, it gets difficult when choosing one. Organizations looking to improve their visual communication can do so at a reasonable cost by outsourcing presentation services to SlideUpLift. Whether you need to win over investors, educate your team, or engage your audience, our experts are ready to transform your ideas into compelling visual narratives.

If you are looking to hire a presentation designer, choosing a presentation design agency should be the wise choice. Make sure your project goals are aligned when choosing a presentation designer by considering their experience, creativity, software knowledge, and communication abilities. Feel free to try us out with our custom-slides service or get in touch in case you need any help with presentation design!


  1. What is the role of a presentation designer?

    A presentation designer specializes in producing engaging presentations with strong visuals. 

  2. What is the need for hiring a presentation expert for my business presentations?

    Presentation experts ensure that your data is presented in a convincing way, enhancing the impact and potency of your message, which you alone can not do.

  3. How do I determine if my organization requires an in-house presentation designer or if outsourcing is better?

    The choice is based on the resources and presentation requirements of your organization. Hiring an internal designer may be appropriate for ongoing, frequent presentation needs. However, most professionals choose to outsource because it gives them access to presentation experts, flexibility and is more cost-effective. 

  4. What qualifications and skills should I seek when hiring a presentation designer?

    Look for a presentation designer who has a solid foundation in graphic design, is knowledgeable in presentation software (like PowerPoint, Google Slides), is creative, pays attention to detail, and can graphically represent complicated business ideas. An ideal presentation designer can be the one who has experience of business consulting as well as presentation softwares. To know more, you can explore SlideUpLift’s presentation services.

  5. Do presentation designers need to be on-site, or can they work remotely?

    Given the state of technology today, many presentation designers can work remotely. A better alternative to a remote presentation designer can be a presentation outsourcing firm. This will prove to be flexible and cost-effective for you.

  6. What should be included in a presentation designer's portfolio, and how can I assess their previous work?

    A portfolio needs to display a range of layouts, images, and presenting techniques. Examine their work for clarity, visual attractiveness, and the capacity to convey a message successfully.

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