Questions Slides

Questions slides are a type of presentation slide consisting of question prompts that encourage your audience to ask questions and help you keep your presentation interactive. Presentations can sometimes become overwhelming and boring, especially in workshops and long strategy sessions. One method to make it interactive could be to encourage your audience to ask questions. That’s where a question powerpoint slide can come in handy. Questions powerpoint slides work amazingly well when you want your audience to concentrate on what you have to say. Our pre-designed collection of question slide templates includes any question slides, quiz PowerPoint templates etc

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What is a question slide?

Question Slides are a type of presentation slide that is carefully crafted to encourage your audience to ask questions. Such slides generally rely on small snippets of text and include graphics or famous quotes that can encourage the audience to think of questions.

Question slides work amazingly well when used in workshops, lectures, or anywhere you want to engage your audience. Encouraging your audience to ask questions is easily the most effective way to ensure that they are engaged and paying attention to what you have shared.

Questions slides can also work as stimulants of concentration, in the sense that they require your audience to stay on their toes and focus. A question slide is a must-have feature in your Powerpoint presentation because it helps the audience and works as a way of getting feedback from the audience.

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How do I create a question slide PowerPoint?

In this example, we would be making a graphic in which a question mark would be divided into 5 parts to depict 5 different questions. If you’re looking for some other types of Question Slides, then we recommend browsing through our collection of Question Slides and other presentation questions slides.

To create a question slide in PowerPoint, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Go to Insert - Textbox and type a question mark using your keyboard inside the new Textbox. Change the font to Arial Black and increase the font until the question mark is big enough. Font Size 473 is a good choice.
  2. Draw a rectangle of 6cm height and 0.5 cm in width. Make 2 copies of the same by selecting the rectangular shape and pressing Ctrl + D twice.
  3. Using the rectangular stripes, cut the bent shape above the question mark’s dot into 4 pieces by placing the stripes over the question mark.
  4. Select the Question mark and the 3 rectangular stripes and go to Shape Format - Merge Shapes - Fragment.
  5. Delete the rectangular shapes and you will see that the question mark has been divided into 4 pieces (not counting the dot of the question mark, which will act as the fifth piece)
  6. Format the color of the shapes according to your need.

How do I create a multiple choice quiz in PowerPoint?

For a short, step-by-step tutorial on how to create a multiple choice quiz in PowerPoint, you can watch our 2-minute video on YouTube on How To Create An Interactive Quiz In PowerPoint.

Adding a multiple choice quiz in your PowerPoint Presentation is one of the best ways of making your presentation interactive and interesting. We have outlined the steps in detail below for you to get started.

In this example, we will work on a standard multiple choice quiz question, which we will have four corresponding choices, out of which one would be correct.

  1. To get started, we must make 3 slides; a question slide will have the question and the corresponding choices, a correct answer slide, and a wrong answer slide.
  2. First, add your question to make the question slide, for example - What color are Sunflowers?Then, add the choices - Blue, Yellow, Orange, and Green.

    Both the correct and wrong answer slides will work as statement slides and will inform the quiz taker about the outcome of their attempt, i.e., either a correct answer or a wrong answer.

    Write - Your Answer Was Correct! Good Job - on the correct answer slide.

    Write - Your Answer was Incorrect. Try Again - on the wrong answer slide.

    Now we have three slides. The next step is to link them together.

  3. To Link the correct answer to the correct answer slide, select the correct answer (Yellow, in this case) and go to Insert - Action and tick Hyperlink to option and choose Slide from the toggle down menu. On the Hyperlink to Slide action box, choose the correct answer slide from the options available and click OK.
  4. Your correct answer has been hyperlinked to the correct answer slide.

  5. The next is to link the three wrong answers to the wrong answer slide. Select the three wrong answers (Blue, Orange, and Green) and repeat the same process, but this time, choose the wrong answer slide on the Hyperlink to Slide action box.
  6. To add a Try Again hyperlink, which will redirect the quiz taker back to the same question, write the text ‘Try Again’ and place it anywhere on the wrong answer slide. Select the same and repeat the whole process but choose the Question Slide on the Hyperlink to Slide action box. Now the quiz taker will be taken back to the question for a reattempt.

Similarly, a Next Question hyperlink must also be added if the quiz taker wants to move on to the next question. This must be added to all three slides. The quiz taker may want to move on without attempting the question, in that case, we must give them an option to do so on the question slide and similarly, on the correct and wrong answer slides, as well.