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Infographic PowerPoint Templates

We provide a variety of creative Infographic PowerPoint Templates to make your business presentation eye-catching and interactive. Our pre-designed Infographic templates are 100% editable and come in a diverse range of appealing colors and with innovative icons.
Infographic Templates can be of different types such as — Informational Infographics, Timeline Infographics, Resumé Infographics, Hierarchical Infographics, Process Infographics, Geographic Infographics, Comparison Infographics, and many more etc..

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What are Infographic Templates?

Infographic templates are essentially a visual combination of text, images, and design, aiming to provide relatable and informative content. Infographic design templates in business can be used for any kind of presentation from preparing annual reports and creating pitch decks to showing basic business processes and flows with the aid of graphics, diagrams, and icons.

Importance of Infographics in Business Presentations

Digital Space is plagued now by a consuming issue: Content Overload. There is way too much information in the form of text, leading to readership overkill. Conventional Business Presentations usually compress a lot of textual content that gets highly boring for the audience. The audience's attention span is limited in most cases.

Infographics result in increased engagement as compared to other visual media. Therefore, designing the slides with infographics ensure that the audience is engaged and takes away the key messages you want to communicate.

Different types of Infographic PowerPoint Templates

Business professionals looking at designing effective presentations can navigate through some popular infographic slide templates, such as:

  • Informational Infographic Templates
  • Timeline Infographic Templates
  • Hierarchical Infographic Templates
  • Process Infographic Templates
  • Geographic Infographic Templates
  • Comparison Infographic Templates
  • List Infographic Templates
  • Statistical Infographic Templates
  • Resume Infographic Templates

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