Infographic PowerPoint Templates

Infographic PowerPoint templates make your business presentation effective and eye-catching. It is a great way to summarize important information and help you grab the audience’s attention while explaining complex data. Use our vast library of creative Infographics PowerPoint to make your business presentation eye-catching and interactive in no time. Infographics are a visual representation of easy-to-understand data and can give a quick overview of data or information. Our variety of infographics examples can be used for any presentation, from preparing annual reports, creating pitch decks to showing complex business processes and flows. Using the infographic PowerPoint templates, you can create engaging visuals to communicate information quickly and clearly. Our ready-to-use Infographic slides are fully editable and come in diverse appealing colors and innovative icons. Use these creative Infographics templates to leave an impression on your audience.

Browse through our appealing collections of  PowerPoint isometric, Powerpoint icons and PowerPoint Graphics for your presentation needs. You can read our blog to learn more about the effective uses of Infographic templates in business presentations. You can also check out our free infographics templates to get started.

What are the Infographic Templates?

An infographic template is essentially a visual combination of text, images, and design, aiming to provide a relatable and informative content. Infographics are probably the way forward now for all heavy-duty business presentations as they use appealing, winning visuals to convey complex information quickly and clearly. Here are some examples of creative infographic templates.

Importance of Infographics in Business Presentations

Digital Space is plagued now by a consuming issue: Content Overload. There is way too much information in the form of text, leading to readership overkill. Conventional Business Presentations usually compress a lot of textual content that gets highly boring for the audience. The audience's attention span is limited in most cases.

Infographics result in increased engagement as compared to other visual media. Therefore, designing the slides with infographics ensure that the audience is engaged and takes away the key messages you want to communicate.

Different types of Infographic PowerPoint Templates

Business professionals looking at designing effective presentations can navigate through some popular infographic slide templates, such as:

  • Informational Infographic Templates
  • Timeline Infographic Templates
  • Hierarchical Infographic Templates
  • Process Infographic Templates
  • Geographic Infographic Templates
  • Comparison Infographic Templates
  • List Infographic Templates
  • Statistical Infographic Templates
  • Resume Infographic Templates

How do I make an infographic in PowerPoint?

Creating infographics in PowerPoint is a time-consuming process and requires advanced PowerPoint skills. Instead of building an infographics template from scratch, you can find an extensive collection of the creative free infographic templates on the web. SlideUpLift offers a wide collection of Free Infographic Templates to create engaging presentations in a fraction of time.

However, if you wish to build one yourself, follow the process below to get started:

Step 1: Select a Blank Slide and Choose a Color for the Background.

Step 2: Edit Your Title, Subheading, and Body text.

Step 3: Add New Elements to the Slide Using Icons.

Step 4: Create Unique Elements Using Shapes and Text Boxes.

Step 5: Add Images to Create Complex Elements.

What are good examples of infographic PowerPoint presentation?

Good infographic PowerPoint presentations are those which utilizes the principles of vision science in building compelling presentations:

  1. The choice of different shapes and icons makes the content of the presentation standout. Different shapes and icons in PowerPoint can be used to create more meaningful and emotionally powerful PowerPoint slides. Triangles, Squares and Rectangles, Circles, and other SmartArt elements are used to create wonderful infographics in PowerPoint. Check out how the use of different PowerPoint shapes can make engaging infographics
  2. Proper Organization of content is important to develop content-heavy business presentations. A few summary examples to help you visualize how the content-heavy presentations can be shown in an engaging manner
  3. A proper proportion of different visual elements on the PowerPoint slide makes a good infographic slide. Discover great infographic examples which use proportions in an effective manner

What are the three main parts of an infographic Powerpoint Template?

The three main parts of an infographic are the visuals, content, and knowledge. The visuals are the most important part of an infographic template because they make infographics appealing and effective. The Proper Use of Proportions, Effective Utilization of Shapes, The Science of Color Scheme, and Choosing the Right Font are very essential for an Infographic Presentation Template. Statistics and facts usually serve as the content for infographics and they contain some sort of insight into the data that they contain – which is the knowledge.

What is the difference between infographics and data visualization Templates?

Infographics are the collection of all the elements on the PowerPoint slide (shapes, charts, content) which provide meaningful information to the audience. However, data visualization relates to showing data, statistics, or numbers in a visually engaging manner. Usually, good infographics use data visualization to build engaging presentations.

Why are infographics templates so useful?

Infographics tell compelling stories. Infographic templates are so useful and effective because they combine the written content with visual elements to pack big ideas into small spaces. Presenting information in such a compelling fashion excites your audience about the topic, helping them consume more information easily. People easily get attracted to content with great color schemes and high-impact graphics.

What to include in the infographics PowerPoint Templates?

A great infographic template generally utilizes multiple elements to capture the attention of the audience. Starting from relevant shape and diagram to eye-catching flowcharts, timelines, graphs, images, etc. Choosing a relevant color scheme and fonts is also essential to create an effective infographic template. It can contain informative statistics, a sequential story, and should be clearly organized. Check out a detailed article on How to create effective infographic templates.

What are the best fonts to use in the Infographic Presentations?

The best fonts to use in an infographic presentation are Verdana and Georgia. Designers at Microsoft specially crafted Verdana for use on computer screens. The letters are widely spaced, and lowercase letters are tall, making this font extremely readable and appealing. To effectively showcase numbers in the PowerPoint presentation, Georgia is a great serif option offering lowercase numbers, which is also a Windows standard font. Effective use of bullet points and indentation can make your infographics look neat. Check out this detailed article on the Importance of Fonts in Presentations.

What are the key elements of an infographic Powerpoint Template?

An infographic PowerPoint template has various key elements. To make an infographic effective, it should have clear goals, compelling narrative, credible data, effective data visualization, and appropriate style choice. Effective use of different shapes and diagrams also helps us create winning infographic templates. Read a detailed article on How to Create Effective Infographic templates.

Where can I get free Infographic PowerPoint templates?

SlideUpLift has a large collection of free infographic templates to help professionals create effective PowerPoint presentations. The collection includes a huge variety of infographic PowerPoint templates to meet all your business needs. Here are the free infographic templates for you. Also, check out the collection of premium infographic templates.

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