Free PowerPoint Templates

Are you searching for PowerPoint templates for your presentation? Then grab these 100% editable and professional PowerPoint templates for free, which will easily help you communicate and engage with your precious audience. Save your time by using these templates, which are designed in a visually appealing and meaningful manner. These free PPT templates can save you tons of time. Use them to remove a presenter's block and as a starting point for your presentation. Even as a Pro PowerPoint user, you can get tons of creative PowerPoint design ideas using these templates. Use this PowerPoint Templates free download option and create impactful presentations and impress your audience. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for our free plan to create engaging presentations in a fraction of time.


Free PowerPoint Templates are the best for making winning presentations

The two crucial aspects of a great and successful PowerPoint presentation are design and storytelling. Every successful presentation has a great story articulated with awesome infographics. Poorly communicated ideas can negatively impact the audience and hamper your company’s brand value. The design in business presentations is a tool for enhancing the story, facilitating the understanding and engagement of the audience.

To make your business presentations result-driven and have maximum impact on the audience, you should consider using free PowerPoint templates download. The advantages of using them are that they are visually engaging, increase productivity, and provide better results for the audience.

Our free PPT Templates are compatible with google slides

Yes, our free business powerpoint templates are compatible with google slides. Google slides are gaining a lot of popularity amongst business professionals because they are easy to edit and access. You can create aesthetic google slides presentations from anywhere as they are desktop and mobile-friendly. Another key benefit of using the free google slides templates is that it fosters team collaboration online and in real-time.

We design free professional presentation templates based on the principles of vision science

They are designed on the principles of vision science and follow best practices in the use of PowerPoint fonts, colors, and design. SlideUpLift PowerPoint templates free collection consists of the best templates that are visually engaging and are based on the principles of vision science. You can download for free from the vast collection of these templates to make impactful PowerPoint and google slides presentations.

PowerPoint Templates Free Download Can Help You Save You Time and Increase Productivity

Effective presentations have a great storyline with engaging infographics. Therefore proper PowerPoint design becomes necessary to enhance your story and facilitate the understanding and engagement of the audience. To sum up, here are four reasons you should consider Professional PowerPoint templates free download:

  • Saves tons of time
  • Reduce Efforts
  • Professionally designed slides by PowerPoint specialists & graphic designers

You can convert a Free PowerPoint Presentation to Google Slides

Step 1. Drag Your PowerPoint File Into Google Drive

Start with your Google Drive open. Open the folder where you'll store your imported presentation. Notice the area in the center with the words "Drop files here." With Google Drive still open, open File Explorer in Windows and find the PPTX file you would like to import into Google Slides. Click on your PowerPoint presentation in File Explorer and drag it into Google Drive. You should see the file in your Google Drive.

Step 2. Open and Convert the PowerPoint File

You're now ready to convert the PowerPoint PPTX file to Google Slides. Double-click on the file in Google Drive to open it. Notice the folder icon next to the words Open with Google Slides in the top center of the screen. Click the down arrow to the right of the words. From the drop-down menu, click the Google Slides option. Your presentation file opens in Google Slides in an editable format. The conversion is automatic. If you look in your drive, you'll notice two files: your original PowerPoint file that you dragged into your drive and the converted file you just created.

Step 3. Edit File in Google Slides

Now that you've converted your PowerPoint presentation to Google Slides format, you can edit it just as you would any other Google Slides presentation.