PowerPoint AddIns : Take Your PowerPoint Productivity To Next Level

...With The SlideUpLift Add-In

The Smartest, fastest way to work with PowerPoint
  • Access our full library without leaving Powerpoint
  • Use the fully functional Search box
  • Browse the collection. Insert what you like
  • Coming Soon: Color Palettes, Images, Tutorials and more

How it Works
  • Download the Add-in
  • If you are a member, sign in or sign up
  • Now you can search, browse, insert what you like, as you see on the left

How to install
Download from Microsoft Addin Store
  1. Download SlideUplift Add-in from the Microsoft Office Store
  2. Follow instructions
Add directly from within PowerPoint
  1. Main Menu: Insert> Get Add-ins
  2. Popup opens taking you to Office Add-in Store
  3. Search :SlideUplift. Then Add

  • The Add-in requires Powerpoint Version 16. To find the version number:
    • Click the File tab.
    • Select Account from the backstage view.
    • Click the About PowerPoint button.
    • The version number is listed at the top of the About dialog (For example , it may read as follows. The first digits in the parentheses is the major version. In the example below, the version is 16
      About Microsoft PowerPoint for Microsoft 365
      Microsoft PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 MSO (16.0.13127.20402) 64-bit
  • If your organization admin allows restricted access to Microsoft Office Store, you may not be able to access install the SlideUplift Add-in. In that case, please request your admin to grant you the access
  • To use the full SlideUplift library, you will need to purchase the SlideUplift Membership plan. Currently, for a limited period, we are allowing users from all membership plans to use the Add-in
Still facing Issues?
The SlideUplift Add-in is still in the early stages and may pose unforeseen issues. If you see any, please let us know here