Product Description:

Product Launch Roadmap Presentation Template

Product Launch Roadmap PowerPoint Template is designed by experts to help professionals showcase the 2 phases of a product launch. It provides a structured and concise visual representation of your product launch. 

This roadmap template is divided into two rectangular sections to provide your audience with a better understanding of your product launch.

Section one consists of “0-6 months”, the initial months of a product launch. Under this section, you get two sub-parts:

1) Existing feature enhancement: Here, you can discuss upgrading or improving a product’s existing features.

2) New Feature Development: This section is where you can showcase the new features or functionalities that have not been used previously on the product.

Further, with the help of the arrows, the first section is connected with the second, which is the “6-12 months” part. The points that can be discussed in this section are expansion, reviewing the existing features or the new features implemented, market expansion strategies, Scalability, and Performance optimization.

This template can be easily customized; you can edit the fonts, backgrounds, images, and icons to meet your presentation needs. It can be used by Product managers, Project managers, and others.