Product Description:

Product Roadmap Timeline Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

The Product Roadmap Timeline Template is made to create product roadmap timelines. It is divided into a timeline of 2 years. Each year has separate sections for topics and skills, which are boxed to write further information. The main purpose of this template is to help you plan how a product will develop. Product roadmaps are important for showing the key steps in bringing a product to market. Putting this information in a timeline makes it easier to see how things will progress and share the plan with others.

Each event or milestone on this timeline template PowerPoint is separated by boxes for you to write the information. You can change things around to fit your specific project or presentation. Whether you’re in charge of the project, part of the team, or just interested in how things are going, this template can help you understand and share the plan.

It’s perfect for meetings, planning sessions, or presentations where you want to show the major steps in a product’s development. This Project Presentation template makes it easy to show what’s happening clearly and simply, whether you’re launching something new, updating an existing product, or planning future improvements.