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10 Best Free PowerPoint Templates You Need To Check Out

The internet is full of templates for presentations, but finding a free template that matches your needs and compatibility is frustrating. Not anymore! We have compiled a list of our ten free templates. Make your pick and download them without spending a single penny on our trial period.

Capturing your audience’s attention and conveying your message effectively is a huge part of any presentation. Your presentation communicates your ideas and message in a visually engaging manner while maintaining a sense of professionalism. Our templates help you do just that!

Each of these templates is completely customizable. You can easily swap out the pre-existing images, transitions, and animations to match your brand’s style or presentation’s purpose. 

With SlideUpLift’s trial plan, you’ll get full access to our free PowerPoint templates library for 48 hours. This $0.00 plan also includes limited access to our AI Slide Editor, which helps you create presentations through prompts. You can use up to 50 AI credits to edit and perfect your slides! However, downloading the templates modified with the AI-powered editor is only possible with a paid plan. The trial membership is a great way to explore all that our site has to offer before committing to a paid plan.

How to Pick the Perfect Free Presentation Template?

SlideUpLift offers a wide range of creatively designed templates. So, how do you decide which one’s the best fit for your slideshow? The following checklist should help you figure out just that!

How to Pick the Perfect Free Presentation Template

1. Audience

Consider who you’re presenting to. A playful template with bright colors might be great for a marketing pitch to a young demographic, but a sleek, minimalist template design would work better for a boardroom presentation.

2. Content

Think about the information you’ll be presenting. Does it rely heavily on charts and graphs? Choose a template with strong visual elements and a well-arranged layout, such as dashboard presentation templates. Is it a text-heavy presentation? Opt for a clean layout with plenty of white space for readability.

3. Style

Consider the tone of your presentation. Is it a serious business pitch or a lighthearted workshop? Our professional templates come in various styles, so pick one that reflects the overall mood you want to create.

4. Functionality

Don’t get caught up in fancy visuals if the template doesn’t offer the layouts you need. Make sure it has enough slide variations to accommodate your content and that you can easily add and edit text and graphics. When using SlideUpLift’s free templates, you can add elements like charts or timelines while maintaining a focused presentation. Whether you’re using PowerPoint or Google Slides, you should make sure that the template you pick is compatible with that particular software.

5. Customization

Ideally, the free template allows for some level of customization. Look for options to change fonts, colors, and icons, and add your own branding elements to make the presentation your own. Since our templates are 100% editable in PowerPoint and Google Slides, you can tweak the design elements to perfectly suit your content.

To save time without compromising on quality, you could instead opt for our slide customization services. With this, you’ll get an entirely personalized set of slides that stand out, along with quick service! If provided requirements, we can create presentations that match your specific needs.

There are many websites offering good templates, including Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides, but if you’re looking up “What are the best free presentation templates?” SlideUpLift is the place for you.

10 Best Free Templates for Presentations

Using a presentation template can save you plenty of time without compromising on the visual appeal. And when you’re on a budget, or you’re looking for an economical alternative for a slideshow, SlideUpLift’s free templates can be just what you need. You can access these with our 48-hour trial period option. Here are some of our most popular free templates:

1. RAG Status PowerPoint Template

RAG Dashboard Presentation Template
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The template presents an overview of a project’s progress in RAG, which stands for Red, Amber, and Green. Each of these colors is used to signal the status of the project’s tasks. Red means there is a problem, Amber means there is a warning, and Green means everything is on track. These are shown with the help of graphs and charts.

The diagrams span the following topics: Task Status, Tasks and Total Time Allocated, Project Status, Task Summary By Project, and Projects.

You can use this template to provide a status update to stakeholders, identify and mitigate risks, and track the project’s overall progress toward its goals.

2. Ribbon Summary PowerPoint Template

Ribbon Summary PowerPoint Template
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Ribbon Summary PowerPoint Template includes a unique ribbon-like infographic surrounded by a pencil.

The ribbon template is divided into three sections to provide a chronological business summary.

It can be used to present project summaries and updates, executive summaries, business planning, and even educational presentations.

3. Marketing Mix 6Ps PowerPoint Template

Marketing Mix 6Ps 02 PowerPoint Template
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Marketing Mix 6Ps 02 PowerPoint Template has a flower-shaped layout with each petal representing each marketing P.

It is fully editable and can be used in other business presentations like business strategies, product management, or marketing presentations, making it one of the best templates.

4. Pentagon PowerPoint Template

Pentagon 2 PowerPoint Template
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This template has a pentagon-shaped figure with three distinctions representing customers, companies, and competitors.

You can mention the key highlights of your presentation in the space provided in the placeholders.

The pentagon template can be used by marketing teams, business professionals, consultants, etc, across all industries. 

5. Cost Benefit Analysis PowerPoint Template

Cost Benefit Analysis PowerPoint Template
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This template can forecast future earnings, overall success, and performance expectations.

Such cost benefit analysis templates can be used by project managers, business professionals, marketing teams, consultants, HR teams, etc. 

6. 3D Business Blocks Animated PowerPoint Template

3D Business Blocks Animated PowerPoint Template
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3D Business Blocks Animated PowerPoint template contains interconnected 3D blocks representing steps that depict various aspects of business, like future plans, goals, long-term goals initiatives, etc.

This template can showcase large data in a single slide as it is represented in cubical steps.

Animated PowerPoint templates can be used in multiple business areas like business proposals, project timelines, strategy planning, and more.

7. SmartArt Pyramid Basic 5 Steps PowerPoint Template

SmartArt Pyramid Basic 5 Steps
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It has a pyramid with five levels representing a hierarchical relationship between stakeholders.

Business officials, HR teams, Managers, entrepreneurs, etc., across all industries use SmartArt PowerPoint templates to showcase timelines or hierarchical organizational relationships.

8. Free Business Roadmap PowerPoint Template

Business Roadmap PowerPoint Template
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This template uses arrows pointing in different directions to visually represent the steps or stages in a process.

Roadmap templates help you organize your thoughts in a manner that is visually appealing and easy to understand.

Business professionals can use this template to outline a company’s strategy or roadmap for the future, to show the steps involved in a project, or even to show the steps involved in a marketing campaign. Educators can also use it to show the steps involved in a process or to show a timeline of events.

9. Capabilities PowerPoint Template

Capabilities PowerPoint Template
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This template is designed to showcase the interconnectedness of four areas: web development, core services, big data, and data analytics.

The company capabilities template is circular and divided into four sections, each with a heading and a text placeholder. The sections are arranged in a clockwise direction around a central circle.

This template could be used for a presentation about a web development company or a company that offers data analytics services. It could be used to show how these four areas work together to provide a service or product.

10. SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template

SWOT Analysis PowerPoint Template
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SWOT analysis is a framework used to evaluate a company’s competitive position and develop strategic planning.

The SWOT template has space for a title and four boxes labeled “Strengths,” “Weaknesses,” “Opportunities,” and “Threats.” There’s also space to include a company logo.

It can be used to identify areas where a business can improve its performance, size up the competition, develop marketing strategies, make business decisions, or create a business plan.

You can also check out our collection of free PowerPoint presentation templates that meet all your professional and personal needs.

The visual appeal of a PowerPoint presentation is the first thing to master. SlideUpLift is the best place to end your search if you want the best templates. Whether for business meetings, academic lectures, or creative pitches, we have templates to cater to everyone’s needs. Use our resources and browse the wide range of excellent, free templates to elevate your presentations now!


  1. Are SlideUpLift’s best templates free and customizable?

    Absolutely! SlideUpLift offers the best PPT templates for free with our 48-hour trial period. You can easily edit the design, font, and layout.

  2. How can I ensure the chosen template aligns with my specific presentation needs?

    Browse our best templates, their styles, design aspects, and available graphics and visuals. And make sure they meet your specific presentation demands.  To easily customize the slides, look for templates that support the type of material you want to show, match the tone and content of your presentation, and go for simple editing choices. 

  3. What sets SlideUpLift apart from any other PowerPoint template provider?

    SlideUpLift provides the best templates with top-notch quality and customer satisfaction. Our templates are versatile, unique, and compatible with both PowerPoint and Google Slides. Moreover, in case you need us to customize your slides or make full-fledged presentations, we offer custom slides and presentation services to professionals across all industries based on your needs. 

  4. Who can use SlideUpLift’s free templates?

    Anyone with a trial membership can use our free templates regardless of their industry, including: 

    • Entrepreneurs
    • Marketing experts
    • Sales specialists
    • Financial Analysts
    • Accountants
    • Project Managers
    • HR leaders
    • Executives

  5. Can I find industry-specific PowerPoint templates on SlideUpLift for free?

    Yes, our templates are tailored to particular industries. These include education, finance, business, real estate, hospitality, and more.

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