Best Free PowerPoint Templates To Make Winning Presentations

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Best Free PowerPoint Templates To Make Winning Presentations

The two crucial aspects of a great and successful PowerPoint presentation are design and storytelling. Every successful presentation has a great story articulated with awesome infographics. Poorly communicated ideas can negatively impact the audience and hamper your company’s brand value. The design in business presentations is a tool for enhancing the story, facilitating the understanding and engagement of the audience.

To make your business presentations result-driven and have maximum impact on the audience, you should consider using professionally designed Free PowerPoint Templates. The advantages of using Free PPT Templates are that these PowerPoint templates are visually engaging, increase productivity, and provide better results with the audience.

Here are the four reasons you should always consider using pre-designed free PowerPoint templates –

If you want to give your ideas a competitive edge while creating a long-lasting impression, drafting a PowerPoint presentation in sync with the principles of vision science is the key. But it is challenging and requires time, patience, and a bit of creativity. The four main reasons to consider using pre-designed free powerpoint presentation templates are-

  1. Time Saver

Designing a PowerPoint presentation from scratch is a tedious and time-consuming process. In ready-to-use free PowerPoint templates, all you need to do is insert content, tweak a little according to your theme, and be ready.

SMART Goal Template

SMART Goal Template

View SMART Goal Template

For example, this PowerPoint 3D template took a lot of time to design but all you have to do is just edit it and add it to your presentation deck saving you tons of time and helping you engagingly showcase your goals and objectives.

  1. Professional designs

These free presentation templates are designed by professionals keeping in mind the principles of vision science.  The effective use of shapes, fonts, colors, proportions, etc is the chief element of vision science. (Learn all about the best practices here)

Free Venn Diagram

Free Venn Diagram Template

View Free Venn Diagram

Therefore, our free business PowerPoint templates help increase the engagement and attractiveness of the presentations. For example, this free presentation template looks elegant, professional, and eye-catching. The effective use of the color scheme, fonts, and shapes make this template look professional.

  1. Reduces Efforts

Pre-designed Free PowerPoint templates allow the presenter to focus more on the content of the presentation. You need to just edit the content of the template for your needs. These free slide templates are best suited for building big presentations where the presenter can dedicate the time to adding quality content and save the efforts of designing the PowerPoint slides.

Sequential timeline Process Diagram

Sequential Timeline Process Diagram

View Sequential timeline Process Diagram

For example, this free business PowerPoint template above is a creative way to showcase a sequential timeline. You can use this template to showcase your project or company timeline. You just have to put your text in the sample text box and you are ready to go.

  1. Uniformity

Having consistency throughout the presentation is important. The audience does not like presentations with mixed fonts, styles, and colors. Pre-designed free PowerPoint presentations maintain consistency from the beginning to the end.

COVID-19 Free PowerPoint Template

COVID-19 Free PowerPoint Template

View COVID-19 Free PowerPoint Template

As the pre-designed presentations are uniform and consistent, that means that branding is simpler than ever. You can use a constant color scheme, fonts throughout the presentation, and even add your own logo to the mix. 

However, it is also easy to add a PowerPoint template to your existing presentations. Learn how to add a free PowerPoint template to your existing presentation in a fraction of time. 

Here are a few examples of free business PowerPoint templates to help you create meaningful and engaging presentations in a fraction of time. On SlideUpLift, you can find a mix of Free PowerPoint templates to address the various needs of a business professional.

The below Free Presentation template is a perfect design to illustrate progress, growth, upward trend, and similar ideas. The template is a combination of the arrow and staircase, both of which are great for showing growth and positive trends.

Growth PPT Template Free Download

Growth PPT Template Free Download

View Growth PPT Template Free Download

This Executive Summary Free PPT Template can present four key points or key features, benefits, considerations, highlights of your product or service. In short, this powerpoint template summarizes any 4 pointer communication in an effective manner.   The use of professional colors and icons make it more engaging. 

Executive Summary Free PPT Template

Executive Summary Free PPT Template

View Executive Summary Free PPT Template

The below Free business PowerPoint template is a simple illustration of a process diagram with 6 steps. This can also be used to showcase a roadmap, milestones, timeline, process, dependencies, or method in the organization.

Process Diagram Free PPT Template

Process Diagram Free PPT Template

View Process Diagram Free PPT Template

This free PPT template below is a colorful PowerPoint table template. This is very useful in showcasing tabular data, comparison table, pricing table, or you can use it to showcase 5 options related to a process or strategy. This free PowerPoint template design is effective for both educational and business use.

Free PowerPoint Table Template

Free PowerPoint Table Template

View Free PowerPoint Table Template

This free slide template is designed in the shape of a puzzle representing four important aspects or parts of a business process or strategy. You can use this template as a strategy puzzle to showcase your strategic initiatives.

Strategy Puzzle Free PTT Template

Strategy Puzzle Free PTT Template

View Strategy Puzzle Free PTT Template

The below SWOT Analysis free PowerPoint template design contains vibrant colors and creative design to help you gain and present a deeper understanding of your business analysis.

SWOT Analysis Free PPT Template

SWOT Analysis Free PPT Template

View SWOT Analysis Free PPT Template

Check out a few more examples of the Free ppt templates.

Now you don’t have to scour the web to find out the right templates. Download our PowerPoint Templates from within PowerPoint. See how?

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