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Must-Have PowerPoint Timeline Templates For Business Professionals [Top 15]

Timelines are crucial for a better understanding of the key events and milestones of a project or process amongst your team. This blog will guide you through the best timelines a business professional must have. After this blog, you will be able to create better timeline presentations for your business.

Without a definite portrayal of what is to be done by what time, a business goal or plan is merely a wish list. Business plans and projects are efficient only when executed within the specified timeframes or deadlines. A single delay in any stage of the project cycle can lead to overall inefficiency in the complete process. An excellent way to ensure this is by using a PowerPoint timeline presentation.

This template will ensure everyone’s expectations stay on the same page and set clear rules for each team, letting them know what needs to be done and when. This blog will discuss the best timeline for PowerPoint for business professionals. 

What Are Powerpoint Timeline Templates?

What is a PowerPoint Timeline?

They are predesigned templates that you can use to create visual representations of timelines in your presentation. You can showcase the order of events, schedules, roadmaps, milestones, or any other key events of your projects or processes. 

They display this information in chronological order, which helps your audience get detailed knowledge of the events that happened in the past and the ones that will be executed in the future. You can easily edit and customize these templates to create timelines.

Types Of Powerpoint Timelines

Various templates are suitable for business professionals. You can choose different templates based on the type of information you want to present. We have categorized the important templates into five categories for you. 

Here is a list of the five types of timelines every business professional should have-

  1. Business Strategy Timelines
  2. Company Timelines 
  3. Project Timelines
  4. Product Roadmaps
  5. History Timelines 

Let’s discuss this in detail and explore the best templates for each category.

Business Strategy Timelines

Shows Business Strategy Timeline
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A business strategy PowerPoint timeline shows the way forward for your enterprise. This business strategy timeline will plan your company’s future aims and provide the proper time for choosing the best approaches and administering them better. 

This timeline will also help administrators and managers manage and invest in projects that align with their approach to the company and support collaboration that aligns everyone on priorities and new investments.

Shows Strategy Timeline
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Use innovative timeline PowerPoint to showcase your business strategy to grab your stakeholder’s attention. You can use a variety of templates to grab attention, such as animations, shapes, and isometrics, to liven up your business strategy.

Company PowerPoint Timeline

All businesses have something to flaunt, and the ideal way to do so is via a company timeline. From meek beginnings to bright goals for the future, this company timeline will showcase those exemplary experiences that outline who you are plus what you stand for today. 

Company Timeline
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One can use the company timeline for Human Resource Presentations, Business Proposals, Company introductions to employees, and more. Presenting your story can motivate your staff and devise inventive plans for the future. 

Furthermore, showcasing your company goals confirms that your administration holds a clear direction and establishes faith in your employees and clients.

Shows Company PowerPoint Timeline
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Using innovative company timelines for PowerPoint will highlight your company’s progress, future goals, and achievements in a big way, creating buzz and excitement amongst your audience. Check out more company-related templates.

Project PowerPoint Timelines

Time is the leading element for the success of any project. Project managers acknowledge that fixing expectations for delivery rate is an essential and challenging management phase. When you accurately shape your project timeline, you’ll get to understand how disastrous a delay can be. 

shows Project Timeline PowerPoint Template
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Project managers, stakeholders, and employees can use this project timeline for PowerPoint to avoid teams operating mindlessly, faulty releases, and deadlines and allow them to examine past events and fix the future.

Shows Project Status Timeline PowerPoint Template
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You can check out more project timeline ideas. On a related note, these project presentations will be helpful while you prepare for your next presentation. As a project manager, give a quick read on how to plan your projects effectively.

Product Roadmaps

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A product roadmap PowerPoint timeline lays out a blueprint of a team’s objectives and plans associated with the product image. These roadmaps can be made for Funding Products, team product plans, product lifecycle, and more. 

The timeline product roadmap template gives an optical structure to the several moving sections running together to ensure product success.

Product Launch Roadmap
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The timeline roadmap template is more rigid in terms of deadlines or scheduling, implementing a time-sensitive framework, and is used to regulate forthcoming work required to achieve the advancement and deliverables of a project. Team members can also easily use this roadmap to defend or debate specific views or decisions.

Check out more Product Roadmaps. Also, learn how to build effective product roadmaps. As a product manager, give a quick read on how to be an effective product manager.

History PowerPoint Timeline

Shows History Timeline PowerPoint
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The company history timelines present confident narratives and celebratory tales that can be used for historical review to improve corporate fabrication, movements, and growth. They’re also important tools that will allow leaders to thoroughly understand the company’s past and help them shape its future. 

History PowerPoint Timeline
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You can use this history timeline for PowerPoint when arranging a presentation for a new client since it makes your company message more trustworthy and makes them realize that your company has survived the test of time and that you celebrate a reliable bond with your clients, which persuades them to put more faith in your brand naturally.

Design Types To Use In Your Powerpoint Timelines

You can add various graphics and design elements to create a unique timeline for PowerPoint to attract your audience. Below are the types of designs you can use in your timelines for PowerPoint:

PowerPoint Animations

Animation can improve the appearance of your PowerPoint timelines. It can also make your presentation more effective and your message more memorable. Animations can powerfully direct the audience’s eye and further your message. 

When presenting to new clients, Animations can simply highlight specific details and terms of your timeline presentation. They can even help retain audiences who are suffering from presentation fatigue at a lengthy business conference.

Shows Animated Business Timeline
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Impress your audience with a variety of Animated Templates. Animated timelines will help you highlight each milestone effectively. If you want to learn how to build an animated timeline, check out this 2-minute PowerPoint tutorial on how to make an animated timeline.


We all know the saying, “A Picture is worth a thousand words.” It works the same when talking about the presentation. Pictures help your viewers to concentrate more and memorize things efficiently. Studies have shown that people will retain 65% of the information presented through pictures.

Timeline PowerPoint Template
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Adding Images to your PowerPoint timeline can provide a crucial visual context. This context not only helps to elaborate on a concept but also aids in extracting the viewer’s emotions. It allows the audience to participate in the moment, effectively bringing that moment back to life.


Symbolism doesn’t only aid your viewer’s eyes, it’s another way for them to learn and understand. Shapes can influence how your audience feels about an idea as they subconsciously connect the viewer to the objects. For example, using a road shape in your roadmap will show the precise path the organization should follow, stimulating a sense of confidence in your brand.

Shapes Timeline
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Similarly, using a triangle/mountain in your business strategy PowerPoint timeline can symbolize prosperity, as it represents the journey of scaling a mountain. This is how shapes can be used to convey opinions and create a stronger impact and connection with your audience, fostering a deeper engagement with your presentation.

Learn more on how PowerPoint shapes can help liven up your idea or message. Check out different types of PowerPoint shapes to build engaging timelines. Make effective use of shapes to connect with your audience.


Represent three-dimensional objects in two dimensions with our isometric designs. With isometric, you can present ideas from a new perspective, because of its ability to show the design from different fronts. Businesses can use isometrics in all their presentations, from project PowerPoint timelines, and company timelines to Business Strategy timelines. 

Isometric Timeline
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Isometric 3D structures can be presented clearly with lifelike details, which are quickly understandable, and can even be combined for desired results. Hence, enhancing the visual charm and recognizability of your plan.


This blog discussed the five types of PowerPoint timelines every business professional should have. It also showcased the best templates from SlideUplift, which you can use to create outstanding presentations easily. Check out our vast library of Timeline PowerPoint Templates to use in your business presentations.


  1. Why should business professionals use timelines?

    Timelines help communicate project schedules, business growth, strategic plans, or marketing campaigns clearly and visually. They can also enhance understanding and retention of information during business presentations.

  2. Where can I find timeline templates for PowerPoint?

    You can find them under the ‘Design’ tab, in template libraries like Microsoft’s Office templates gallery, or through third-party providers online, such as SlideUpLift.

  3. What should I consider when choosing a timeline for PowerPoint templates?

    Consider the type of data you need to present, the complexity of the information, audience understanding, and the overall design aesthetic of your presentation. Ensure the template supports your narrative clearly and effectively.

  4. How can I insert a PowerPoint timeline into my existing PowerPoint presentation?

    You can insert a timeline by downloading and opening it in PowerPoint. Copy the timeline slide and paste it into your existing presentation. Adjust the design as needed to match your presentation’s style.

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