Product Description:

Work Status Timeline Template for MS PowerPoint & Google Slides

The Work Status Timeline PowerPoint Template helps you keep track of work progress over time. On the left side, there are five colored boxes. Each box shows an employee’s name and job title, representing different workers involved in the task. This makes it easy to know who’s doing what. Under each employee box, there is a horizontal bar. These bars show how much work each employee has done over the months. There are spaces for more details, so you can add extra information if needed.

This timeline template ppt is great for managing projects or handling HR tasks. It gives a clear picture of how employees’ work progresses over time, making it easy to stay on top of things. You can replace the placeholders with your own relevant data to track real-time work status. This quick editing feature makes this Work Status Timeline PowerPoint Template more useful for different projects or teams.

This Google Slides template allows you to monitor work progress over time. It’s handy for ongoing projects, checking employee performance, or conducting reviews. It helps keep communication smooth, makes tracking progress simple, and supports decisions in teams or companies.