PowerPoint Shapes

PowerPoint shapes are graphical illustrations that add interest to a presentation and emphasize a point. Shapes are as effective as the use of colors in communicating ideas; for example, people relate the triangle shapes to hills/mountains so the shape can represent growth or success. Squares can symbolize balance and security for obvious reasons. You can format these PPT shapes with different colors, 3D effects, shadows, etc. Create stunning in your PowerPoint Presentations using different shapes like PowerPoint hexagon, square, circle shapes, etc. One of the important benefits of using PowerPoint Diagrams and Shapes is that you can resize them without losing the image quality.

Browse through this vast collection of PowerPoint Designs, Illustrations, Shapes templates to create visually appealing presentations. Impress your management and clients in a striking way by incorporating attractive designs in your presentation slides. The collection includes all kinds of shapes like Arrow for PowerPoint, oval shape, PowerPoint spiral shape, PowerPoint rectangle, square PowerPoint templates, and much more.

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Why use PowerPoint Shapes?

Powerpoint Shapes are extensively used to:

  • Make your business presentation interesting and fun
  • Emphasize a particular point in the slide
  • Add interactive visuals in the slide that encourages audience engagement etc.

Especially 3D Shapes in PowerPoint make your presentation more appealing.

What are the different types of Powerpoint presentations Shapes?

There are many different shapes in PowerPoint, including triangles, circles, spirals, polygons, lines, and curves. You can also use new Smart Shapes in PowerPoint to create effective visualization. Different shapes reflect different messages or feelings and are used to present different types of information. The triangle structure represents perseverance and achievement. Polygons represent strength and structure. Learn Effective Use Of Shapes In PowerPoint To Create Winning Presentations.

What is the advantage of using Powerpoint Shapes?

The use of shapes influences how our audience thinks and feels about an idea. Numerous studies show that using shapes is as effective as the use of colors in communicating ideas. People relate the triangle shapes to hills/mountains so that the shape can represent success. Circles are naturally calming to the senses because they are rounded by definition without sharp edges. By knowing the science of shapes, you can take advantage of this perception utility and accentuate your ideas’ impact. Check out these PowerPoint template examples effectively using shapes and learn Effective Use Of Shapes In PowerPoint To Create Winning Presentations.

What tab has to be used to insert the shapes in the Microsoft Powerpoint?

To use shapes in your PowerPoint presentations, you can use PowerPoint Shapes from the Insert tab in the top navigation bar. You can also insert different icons from SmartArt in the Insert tab. Also, check out these PowerPoint Shape template examples.

How do you resize a shape?

To resize a shape in PowerPoint:
  • To resize a 2-D shape, such as a square, drag a selection handle to make the size you want.
  • To resize a 1-D shape, such as a line, drag the endpoint to the length you need.
  • To resize a shape to a specific value, in the View tab, select Task Panes > Size and Position, then in the Size and Position window, type the values in the Width, Height, or Length boxes.

How do you combine pictures and shapes in Powerpoint?

Follow these steps to combine shapes with pictures in PowerPoint:
  1. Select a Blank slide. Now change the layout from the Home tab to Two Content option.
  2. Now choose a shape and insert a picture, make sure the image fits within the slide completely.
  3. Send this picture behind the shape by right-clicking and choosing the send to back option.
  4. Now, select the picture first and then the shape(s). Then access the Drawing Tools Format tab of the Ribbon, and click the Merge Shapes button.
  5. This opens up the Merge Shapes drop-down. Within the Merge Shapes, point the cursor over the Combine option and click it to create a cookie-cutter graphic from the picture.
  6. Type anything within the placeholders, and also you can insert anything within the placeholders.

What are the three essential design shapes in the Powerpoint?

The three essential design shapes are Quadrilaterals(squares, rectangles), Round(circles, ovals, spheres), and Arrows. These are the most commonly used shapes in PowerPoint presentations. You can also use other shapes like triangles, spirals, etc. to make your PowerPoint designs more effective. Check out these PowerPoint templates effectively using shapes and learn Effective Use Of Shapes In PowerPoint To Create Winning Presentations.

How do you draw irregular shapes in PowerPoint?

  1. Go to the Insert Tab
  2. Draw a Line or Shape On the Shapes drop-down, you will see a variety of lines and shapes that you can insert into your slide.
  3. Modify a Line or Shape You will also notice that with a shape selected, you can tweak some aspects like the thickness from the options on the Format tab.
  4. Reposition a Line or Shape You can click and drag to reposition a line or even resize it by holding the handles on the border.

How to merge shapes in PowerPoint?

We often need to make different Powerpoint Shapes for our presentations. However, PowerPoint provides a limited collection of shapes. To make our own PowerPoint shapes, we need to learn how to merge shapes in PowerPoint. To do that, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the shape you want to merge: Press and hold the Shift key and select each shape in turn.
  2. You will see an option Merge Shapes in the Format tab and then pick the option you want(union, intersect, fragment, combine, subtract, etc.).

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How to make a shape transparent in powerpoint?

Making a picture/shape transparent gives your presentation a professional look. The transparent shape helps in highlighting the text, icons, or other elements in the foreground. Here are steps on how you can make Powerpoint shapes transparent in PowerPoint.

  1. Select Insert > Shapes. Choose a shape from the gallery.
  2. Draw the shape on your slide.
  3. Select the shape and right-click; you will see the option Format click.
  4. On the right side, you can see Fill, click the Fill icon and then click Picture or texture fill.
  5. To choose an image file, click on Insert Picture from > File
  6. Move the Transparency slider to adjust the transparency.

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How do you group shapes in powerpoint?

Powerpoint shapes will help you to impress your audience strikingly. Grouping the powerpoint shapes allow you to make two or more PowerPoint objects into a single grouped object that you can easily move around your slide. If you want to group shapes, pictures, or any other objects in powerpoint, follow these steps:

  1. Select the objects you want to group and right-click
  2. Click the Group command
  3. You can see three options Group, Regroup and ungroup. Select Group
  4. Select the shape and right-click; you will see the option Format click.

You can use the keyboard shortcuts to group the pictures in Powerpoint.

  1. Hold the Shift key down, select your pictures
  2. Hit Ctrl + G on your keyboard

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