100+ Timeline Template Examples Plus Design Tips and Free Timeline Templates

7+ Creative Timeline Templates plus Tips and Examples

August 30, 2019| slideuplift
7+ Creative Timeline Templates plus Tips and Examples

Why do we need Timeline Templates?

In a professional presentation, timeline templates are one of the most powerful visualizations tools of showcasing information about the project or product roadmaps, their schedules, the sequence of business processes or planned strategy. Timeline Infographics are also useful in effectively presenting calendars, timetables or workflows for the project team in an effective and succinct manner.

Essentially, Timeline Templates in PowerPoint help visualize and simplify complex information.

However, to create engaging professional timeline templates in any of the office tools is a tedious process.

That’s where PowerPoint timeline templates come in very handy wherein you can choose from the predesigned collection of timeline infographics. You download any of the professional timeline templates which suit your business needs and simply edit them in the manner you want.

Depending on the goal of your presentation, here are different creative PowerPoint timeline templates examples:

  1. Creative Timeline Infographic Template To Showcase Business Strategy And Milestones

timeline ppt template

View timeline powerPoint

This PowerPoint timeline template is very useful in tracking year on year progress for an organization. It also helps consolidate and represent the progress of any multi-year project in a colorful, eye-catching manner. The yearly agenda could be listed next to the respective year, and the various developments on those plans could be represented on the customizable progress bars, in the correspondingly color-coded text using the attached text boxes.

Using different colors, this timeline template shows the different milestones achieved annually, over the years, and how the various steps and initiatives are taken every year have so far, or will allow the business to flourish. Creatively showcasing the cumulative progress over a long period, this timeline highlights how you have taken big strides forward and come closer to achieving your key goal.

2. Creative Use Of Steps To Showcase Timeline Template

timeline ppt

View history timeline template

Another creative timeline template well suited for business strategy presentations that can really be used just as well for a monthly, weekly or even daily timeline for very short term projects. This one revolves around a simple, clean interface, connecting years/months/weeks/days one after the other, carrying forward the progress that has been made over every individual period. The text below every title can be used to fill the audience in with details like financial metrics, milestones achieved and progress made in each period.

3. Use Of Animated Timelines To Showcase Your Milestones

Animated PowerPoint Templates make your presentation interactive and eye-catching. These templates use creative infographics, bright colors, and creative animation to set your raw and boring chunks of data into motion, making your presentation compelling to the audience.

This template below showcases yearly key highlights of a business or an organization through creative animation. The innovative graphics and smooth animation make this timeline captivating and easy-to-understand.

Animated Timeline PowerPoint

View Animated PowerPoint template

4. Use Of Map And Horizontal Structure To Showcase Global Timeline Infographic

History timeline template

View powerpoint timeline template

If your organization is the kind that trots the globe over regular periods of time, or if you are simply looking to expand your business worldwide and want to present that plan over a timeline, look no further. The customizable graphic labels and year-on-year plan at the bottom can be creatively used to convey the plan for the road ahead, in a coherent, comprehensive manner.

5. Creative Representation Of Numbers Using Timeline Template

timeline ppt template

View Financial timeline template

Numbers are often presented in a boring and dull format building a monotonous identity in a business presentation. Using this visually appealing timeline template, you can showcase company finances, business highlights and important milestones in a timeline effectively.

6. Use Of Vertical Layout To Showcase Timeline Infographic

Vertical Timeline Template

View vertical timeline template

This rather useful vertical timeline template is useful to help make schedules, plans, or organize workflow in a professional space, literally down the line. Relevant vectors or Clip Arts, their PowerPoint, can be used with the colorful boxes in order to allow your audience to easily track the points being made in a logical flow. This can also function as a creative template depending on whether you want to use the various titles available chronologically or in sequences that need not be linear, but make the content feel more coherent.

7. Use Of Roadmap Infographic To Show Business Timeline

timeline powerpoint template

View powerpoint timeline graphic

Speaking of the road ahead, this business roadmap timeline template is exactly what you need if you are looking to both creatively and clearly state, like the name says, the roadmap for your business in the time to come. You can also use this template to introduce the team to a fresh work plan for a new project. This template makes sure clarity of expression is high in priority, using the graphic of a road to clearly demarcate that you mean business. It logically places the waypoint pins one after the other at increasing distances, making sure that the audience can follow the order of the steps to be taken or targets to be finished, well, down the road.

The closer waypoints can mean matters that require immediate attention, targets to be completed in the immediate future, or goals that need to be achieved sooner rather than later. As you move further along the road, it is clear that those waypoints indicate goals meant for a later point in the future. The text allows a short description to make things clear, and color codes every waypoint like a milestone with the text. The color scheme used can also be extended to further slides later on in the presentation, to make everything look seamlessly connected.

8. Creative Horizontal Timeline Template Using Pictures

View timeline pPT

This calendar-like implementation of a simple PowerPoint timeline template is rather sober and definitely easy to follow. If you’re looking to effectively convey your plan for the coming projects or highlight progress over the past few years, without raising a lot of eyebrows, this is the choice to go with. Using a familiar, toned-down interface showing the monthly progress/work plan throughout the duration of the project you can add relevant images alongside every year to amplify the various points you would be made using the short description space available for every entry in the template.

Pictures, when used the right way,  are instrumental in making a mark in your audience’s mind, by not allowing them to disengage from the text and helping them retain and recollect details from a presentation using the reference point of a single image. This template is preset to provide you that functionality and the chance to create an impact with it.

To get more creative timeline ideas,  view the complete collection of 100+ Timeline PowerPoint Templates

View 100+ timeline PPT Templates


free powerpoint timeline template

View free timeline template

This free, minimalistic timeline says no more than absolutely required. It uses an annual timeline format that can be easily customized to fit your own and uses a simple graphic that tells your audience that the only way ahead, is upward. It highlights progress made, or to be made over each year, using appropriate, relevant vector artwork and graphics, accompanied by short text fields summarizing the corresponding goals to be achieved, or the milestones already accomplished.


In short, timeline templates are pretty useful in expressing the goals ahead or the achievements of the past, in a very coherent and crisp manner, without taking much of anybody’s time. Use them to create engaging presentations. You can check out the 100+ creative ways of presenting timelines. In addition, if you want a quick tutorial, please refer to our blog on how to make a timeline in Powerpoint

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